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  1. it was huge, i cleaned it out here is the latest which is same as most of entries https://www.dropbox.com/s/g9o1i0u5wfio8gd/debug.txt?dl=0 was dropbox ok on that post ?
  2. There is NOT any reference to unwritable files. I have most directories set @ 777 Error: File permission errors detected.These may impact the accurate delivery of your ads,See the debug.log file for the list of unwritable files And.... no clicks are being recorded
  3. We moved from beta.florida.com to florida.com I edited the config file, after editing the admin for the new paths etc. No banners show. what next ? working now.... guess it was cache
  4. Erik- considering the issues i encountered above not able to chose a city per state from a dropdown like DMA, or even auto complete seeing banner show up in Florida that was DMA'ed for other markets in other STATES- And I changed the markets and still same issueI wish it would work .... I tried this as well for this page http://beta.florida.com/priceline/5.htm If you see a green 200x200 banner, it means it does not work unless you are from Honolulu Hi. And if you are from there, you are lucky ! FYI just upgraded to 3.2.4 and it went perfect
  5. My Db is free version, and I would hate to spend 350$ or so for paid version since the plugin itself has so many limitations. I wonder if this plugin actually works for anyone ? This site sells a geo plugin http://reviveadservermod.com Anyone hear of them- they have an enormous amount of plugins .... which kinda of make me nervous- since it is not a huge market, and writing plugins is not so simple.
  6. EXACTLY my point!! so why is it showing In FLORIDA? (since you are not from USA.... fyi Florida is a state, Texas is state. ) If it is ONLY supposed to show to a DMA in Texas ?
  7. Btw- after ALL this-- this plugin does NOT work anyways!
  8. So this is a limit of the plugin, where I can not chose a predefined list of cities based on a state, but need to type in a city and hope it is the correct state and also ...... Furthermore this is no reliable way to even use the plugin, since there is not a guarantee the city I type in will be in the DB. Granted, if I bought the maxmind DB, it should be there, but it is a bit of a sloppy way to chose a city --- typing and hoping. But thanks for your help! I appreciate it!
  9. So for the cities, there is no drill down Or a drop down per state, like United States>Florida>Miami I can only type in the city. And if a city name is in 2 different states, then what ??
  10. Checked paths..... All me... fixed - thanks
  11. forget it - this is useless- no one answers. This doesn't work. This is exactly what u get when when it is open source. Nada. So many open posts here with no answers.
  12. Yep- thanks. doesn't work anyways the max geo city file is in a writable directory -- but it does NOT show at all as an option
  13. I just upgraded that hack didn't work for me 2 errors- You don't have access to that page. You have been re-directed. If I try to deactivate a banner, I get that same message InstallNonBlockingErrors and i found no answer for that except a thread with no answer from 3.2.2
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