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  1. Any chance you've been able to address these errors? I'm having the same problems. I was trying to rewrite all the functions in the code from: function &nameto: public static function nameand it mitigated a bunch of errors but not all of them. Any luck on your side?
  2. This is ridicules. The addServer is in it's 3.2.2 version and we are still facing the same errors! Who has the magic wand? I'm facing shit loads "should not be called statically" erros. WTF? What sort of syntax is used to write this stuff? Anyone actually managed to run this thing commercially?
  3. When installing on SLES12 running apache2 with php5 and MySQL DB on a separate machine I get massive list of error after the screen where I fill the DB parameters. It starts with: MESSAGE: Only variables should be assigned by reference TYPE: Strict FILE: /srv/adserver/lib/pear/MDB2/Driver/Datatype/Common.php LINE: 1101 DEBUG INFO: 1096 * a DBMS specific format. 1097 * @access public 1098 */ 1099 function quote($value, $type = null, $quote = true, $escape_wildcards = false) 1100 { 1101 $db =& $this->getDBInstance(); 1102 if (PEAR::isError($db)) { 1103 return $db; 1104 } 1105 1106 if (is_null($value)and continues with loads of "Non-static method PEAR::isError() should not be called statically" How can I fix this?
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