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  1. Even if the banner of company #1 "wins" and is displayed in the first zone on the page, where is the guarantee that another banner of the same company #1 will "win" in the same moment in another zones on same page? We have four zones on all pages. The main task - to make client's #1 banners appear at same moment in all four zones.
  2. Dear sirs, All pages of our website have 4 zones for impression of the banners. In each zone we rotate from 5 to 10 banners different advertisers (equally rotation). One advertiser took all 4 slots and wants to show all his 4 banners at the same time. Please let us know how can it be done.
  3. Dear Sirs, We have long used Revive Ad server to rotate banners on our sites. Usually we use banners SWF or GIF. Today, one of our customer sent us a banner in the HTML5 format. I tried to find information on the forum, but unfortunately, my English is not very good. I ask you for a favor - can You tell us: Can we use html5 banners with Revive Ad Server? Is it possible in the basic version of the system? Or maybe we need to buy any additional plug-ins? Maybe there is a topic on the forum in which these issues have been discussed? Thanks a lot!
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