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  1. Cool! Thanks. The cookies are created, but the domain is set including the port number, ie 'localhost:8080' I believe the correct behaviour is to not use the port, and just set the domain.
  2. I had an identical problem with Plugins not installing, then the mysterious "enable cookies" message. I think I solved it - http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/3026-installation-error/?do=findComment&comment=6515
  3. After banging my head against this for too many hours, I think I can describe the problem, and suggest a work around. The fatal error in the installation from the OP ("Unable to set current step. Unknown step: login") is due to the plugins that are failing to install with the "Permissions error"; and the permissions error is because the automatic login as Admin has not worked. In my original setup, I was running the server on my laptop as localhost:8080 and I noticed that the install was trying to set a cookie in domain 'localhost:8080' - I believe the port number was causing a problem, and the cookie would not be returned in the next request, so the installation decides you are not logged in and not permitted to install the plugins. This would also explain the errors we see about having to enable cookies, when cookies are working just fine... To fix this I have done 2 things: set a 3 level domain name in my hosts file that points to (ie revive.localhost.com)stopped trying to use a port number, and just listen on port 80Now a fresh install correctly sets a sessionId cookie in the domain '.revive.localhost.com', the plugins install fine, and I can actually login to the test server again.
  4. Can anyone advise what I need to do to get a (new) plugin to attach itself to an existing controller? I have a plugin that adds a new table, and I want to have the data included in the Admin statistics reports for Advertisers & Campaigns. So far I have a "demo" that works by changing stats.php and adding the plugin directly to OA_Admin_Statistics_Delivery_Controller_GlobalAdvertiser // Prepare the stats controller, and populate with the stats $oStatsController = &OA_Admin_Statistics_Factory::getController ( $entity . "-" . $breakdown, $aParams ); require_once MAX_PATH . '/plugins/deliveryLog/oxLogDwellTime/DwellTime.php'; $dwplugin = & new OA_StatisticsFieldsDelivery_DwellTime (); // my plugin $oStatsController->addPlugin ( 'oxDwellTime', $dwplugin ); // add the plugin to the controller $oStatsController->aColumnVisible += $dwplugin->getVisibleColumns (); // add my fields to the controllers lists $oStatsController->aColumns += $dwplugin->getFields ( $oStatsController ); $oStatsController->aColumnLinks += $dwplugin->getColumnLinks (); $oStatsController->aEmptyRow += $dwplugin->getEmptyRow (); ... which is duplicating the logic from the controller's constructor. But what I want to do is to have my plugin registered, or extend, all the report controllers without doing the manual hack. I assume this is possible by registering something at install time, in the XML? Can someone point me to either a github project that does this, or suggest what I need to modify? Thanks.
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