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  1. My apologizes if this has been asked before, but Revive generates Javascript tags using document.write. This is not good, as document.write is being phased out for security reasons and is sometimes blocked. Chrome Dev complains about this (warnings). Are there any plans to rewrite the generator for the Javascript tags to use innerHTML or other more "acceptable" JS function? Thanks.
  2. Hi Matteo, Thanks! This is because the attribute "data-revive-zoneid" is the attribute that drives the delivery and because "data-revive-id" is unused by revive? I understand that "data-revive-zoneid"is the key attribute from your message; but what does "data-revive-id" do, since it is not used by revive for delivery?
  3. Hello, I have revive version 3.2.5 running on one server and 4.0.1 on another server. The reason is that I am running an older version of PHP on the server running 3.2.5 and don't want to break things by upgrading to a version of PHP supported by 4.0.1. As a work around, I want to just replace our invocation tags as follows: ORIGINAL TAG ON "SERVEROLD" <ins data-revive-zoneid="5" data-revive-id="8351b7c2e97a6c66b1382241945d20f0"></ins> <script async src="//serverold.com/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script> NEW TAG ON "SERVERNEW" <ins data-revive-zoneid="5" data-revive-id="d77d030158ef3b39e6ed6db0cf1a2192"></ins> <script async src="//servernew.com/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script> CHANGE TO: <ins data-revive-zoneid="5" data-revive-id="8351b7c2e97a6c66b1382241945d20f0"></ins> <script async src="//servernew.com/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script> The reason I want to do this is so I can just change the DNS entry for the ad server and not change the tags, which requires a lot of unnecessary work. Can you please tell me where I can edit the MySQL DB to change these data-revive-ids so I can get them to match? THANKS!
  4. No idea... it just seemed to start working on its own! Sorry, I don't have more details on why it worked after not working!
  5. Hello, We are an ex long time user of OpenX open source and are now back to using Revive. Thanks for supporting! We have an issue with the zone view of a campaign (see attached) /www/admin/campaign-zone.php The ad server is working fine and all is well, except this one function does not work. Please assist! Thanks!
  6. Hi. I'm new here and am ex long time user of OpenX and then switched to Google DFP after the OpenX security breach, and have just installed the latest version of Revive Ad Server. The installation went well and then I did the standard create advertiser, campaign, add banner.. create zones links zones to banner thing.. and all look fine... used a 300x250 test banner and link. Then grabbed the invocation code, and BOOM, the ad server does not seem to serve any ads regardless of what invocation tag I use. How to debug this problem with ad server? Thanks! UPDATE: Ahhh.... nevermind! It working now!
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