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  1. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way, from within Revive to add a modal that fires on exit. The industry refers to them as an ad that fires when the user is about to bounce. Right now we're handling it with either a hidden div underneath the "close window" or in another case by noticing when the mouse leaves the viewport. I'd like to do this all within Revive to give marketing team the ability to decide when the ad fires, where, change the ad, etc.
  2. Thank you, firstimpression! I figured that using PHP to write those values would work the best for this implementation and have that working now. However, setting the banner to "Generic HTML" causes the results of the form submission to load within the iframe using async javascript invocation. When I switch it to "Don't touch HTML", it loads in the _blank frame as I have specified in the invocation code as well as the <form> tag, but passes in un-touched custom variables. Any idea how I can target a new frame as well as pass in the custom variables? Thanks again for your help. To see it, go here: http://blog.genealogybank.com/civil-war-nurse-mary-maxwell-featured-in-ogsq.html?pq=1&prebuy=no&kbid=69919&intver=&s_referrer=Social&utm_source=Social&s_trackval=SM_Blog_doclink_1510_00&utm_campaign=SM_Blog_doclink_1510_00&s_siteloc=Blog&utm_medium=Blog Scroll to "Search 1" and fill it in and submit.
  3. This is very helpful, thank you! I modified my invocation code for my async js code and now have "5" in the code when I hard code 5 in the input variable as you suggested, so now data-revive-pq="5"I read that I could substitue any part of the PHP request array ($_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE) with {ANY_INPUT_VARIABLE} so, I was thinking I would be able to somehow get the request for the page the ad is loaded from to have its input $_GET show up in the ad. So, an ad that's loaded from http://www.mypage.com/index.html?pq=5 using the async javascript code with data-revivie_pq={5} would load in the ad. It seems like I might have to write some javascript or jquery to grab the get parameters from the URL and then load them into my revive invocation code. Does that sound correct? Thanks again for your help.
  4. I am trying to use customer query parameters in ads. I have an HTML ad that is actually a form with hidden variables that need to be populated via the get parameter. The goal is that any parameters sent to the site, those parameters will be inserted into hidden form fields in the ad so they can be sent to another site and tracked properly throughout the lead flow. So, when a page is loaded with "http://www.sitename.com/?pq=1 I need to populate a hidden form field in the banner ad (an HTML form) so it looks like <input type="hidden" name="pq" value="1"> I read about Magic Macros and it seems as though if I change the zone invocation code to "Revive Adserver" and then put something like {pq} in my banner ad, it will echo whatever I put in that field in the banner ad. I tried this by simply inserting {pq} in my banner ad, but it renders it as {pq}. What am I missing? Is this even possible? Do I need to approach it another way? Will I need to ad my own 3rd party ad server to consume these custom query parameters? Thanks in advance.
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