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  1. Hi Andrew

    Are you sure it is not a cookie problem as well ?  I didnt think the email clients ( outllook, tbird etc ) werent able to process cookies and without the cookie, there was not way to tell which banner was served.


    It would be an easy test , could u point me in the general direction to remove the limitation?


  2. I know that Revive Adserver has a limitation of a single banner per email zone 

    I really don't know why, but it is there. So I have to ask is this limitation still valid?

    I know the issue deals with the lack of cookies by the mail client, but there has to be a way to uniquely identify the client session, in order to determine which ad was served.

    There is a third party plugin that claims they are able to serve multiple banners in an email zone.

    So who would be interested in this feature?

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