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  1. And performing a clean install, following documented upgrade procedures, results in the upgrade process copying over the backdoored file from the previous installation and then crashing, because it's still bugged. I give up
  2. Exact same problem here. doubleclick.class.php was replaced with a backdoor file. Running revive 5.0.2. The file modification date was Dec 2019, we just didn't notice it until now. This forum topic was the 1st result on google search for the issue, so hopefully this helps someone else.
  3. Hi, Does the GeoIP database in revive update automatically? It seems like ours stopped working at some point as well. It seems to still able to target countries, but anything at the regional level is not working. We're using the "Magic tags" plugin to do stuff like "Welcome visitor from {geo.region}" and now it's blank. In the meantime, is there any workaround? We have disabled these banners for now. In any case, count this as another vote from someone who is using the feature. ;-) Thanks for all your hard work on the system. It is wonderful Matt
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