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  1. Hello, like Facebook Instant Pages (read here) i'm writing about compatibility with Google Amp Pages. Two weeks ago, during International Journalism Festival in Perugia, i met Luca Forlin responsible for Europe, the Middle East and Africa of Google strategic partnership in the news and information industry. I asked him some questions about google amp pages adserver compatibility (read supported supported ad networks) and he answered me that i have to ask to adserver development team to add support for amp pages. Is it possible to support google amp pages? thank you :)
  2. Hi Arun, thank you for your answer. I know how companion positioning works with with js or async js tags (on www.pescaranews.net and all websites of my newtwork i already use companion positioning) the problem is that i need to use it into Facebook Instant Articles (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instant-articles). It seems like it is possible to use js code into instant articles using this code: <figure class="op-ad"><iframe height="100" width="360"><ins data-revive-zoneid="XX" data-revive-id="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"></ins><script async src="//adserver.com/revive/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script></iframe></figure> <figure class="op-ad"><iframe height="250" width="300"><ins data-revive-zoneid="XX" data-revive-id="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"></ins><script async src="//adserver.com/revive/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script></iframe></figure> the problem is that also if i use js tags companion positioning doesn't work.
  3. I tried to use iframe tag but companion positioning doesn't work and async tag doesn't work, facebook returns an error :( :( is there any other way to solve the problem?
  4. ok but the problem is that i have 10 zones every website and i have (at this time) 27 websites and we're adding websites to expand our network. anyway i can only use iframe and all our campaigns have the companion positioning active. If i place 2 banners invocation code (IE 360x100 and 300x250) loaded with iframe is it possibile to load the second one (300x250) from the same campaign of the first one (360x100)?
  5. which is the regular async tags? i used the standard zone invocation code to deliver banners. I have a network of websites (www.pescaranews.net www.collinedoro.net www.sansalvo.net and other 25 websites) and i wrote some php code into our cms to load banners using the zone invocation tags
  6. Hi, i'm building markup for Facebook Instant Pages and i need to insert my mobile ad format into facebook markup. This is the code i found on facebook developers(https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instant-articles/reference/ad) <figure class="op-ad"> <iframe src="https://www.adserver.com/ss;adtype=banner320x50" height="50" width="320"></iframe> </figure> and also this: <figure class="op-ad"> <iframe height="50" width="320"> <!-- Include full ad code here --> </iframe> </figure> and this is the code i use to load revive ad zones into my websites <script type='text/javascript'><!--// <![CDATA[ var OA_zones = { 'mobile_superbanner' : <?php echo $reviveZones["mobile_superbanner"] ?>, 'rettangolo_brand' : <?php echo $reviveZones["rettangolo_brand"] ?>, 'mobile_superbanner_bottom' : <?php echo $reviveZones["mobile_superbanner_bottom"] ?>, 'rettangolo_1' : <?php echo $reviveZones["rettangolo_1"] ?>, 'rettangolo_2' : <?php echo $reviveZones["rettangolo_2"] ?> } // ]]> --></script> then i call this function: showReviveBanner("mobile_superbanner"); that echoes this: <script type='text/javascript'>OA_show('".$banner."')</script> what can i do to serve my banners into instant articles?
  7. Hi, i need to create with a system like the attached image. I have a network of local information websites (30 websites) and i need to create an electoral campaign system. Since last year i used a php system i created by myself but i'd like to use revive adserver. Basically i need to create a 2x2 or 2x3 (2 columns 3 rows) grid of 145x145 px banner and serve them into one of the 30 websites. All banners should came from the same campaign (i.e. electoral 2016) and on every page load i need to show only different banners from that campaign. if it is possibile, i'd like to use always the same zone and duplicate it (4 or 6 times) inside the html code I.E. I have 14 electoral banners active on a website into "campaign may 2016"USER 1 loads home page and i need to show 4 (or 6) different banners from "campaign may 2016" (i.e. banner 1,5,8,9,12,14)USER 2 loads home page and i need to show 4 (or 6) different banners from "campaign may 2016" (i.e. banner 2,5,7,9,10,14)is it possible creating only a 1 zone for website and 1 campaign? thank you :)
  8. Hello. On 1 november 2015 i started to use revive adserver to serve advertising over my website network. I think revive is a really great adserver but i have a little problem. I have two servers A - dedicated server B - cloud server Revive is installed on the A server (dedicated one) and serves websites from both server A and B. I have a lot of traffic on websites and this causes sometimes server A to slow down. (All websites uses different installation of the same CMS). I'd like to buy a C vps (or cloud) server (i'd like to pay about 3-4 €/month) and use it only to install revive and serve some css and images files used by CMS. I have some questions about this: could this be a solution?how can i migrate all advertiser, campaign, zones, banner and banner images into new server without lose data or alter stats?do you have any link about server plans? i'd like to have an italian or at least en european provider.thank you :) PS i have this installation: some banners are placed in: http://adv.domain.com/revive/www/images/ other banners (skin banner) are manually uploaded into http://adv.domain.com/man/ and created using "Generic HTML banner"
  9. Hi, i have a question about companion positioning. My website has 4 zones. Three of these (1, 2 and 3) are dedicated to companion positioning and the 4th is dedicated to other advertiser. We only have 2 different campaign: Zone1 + Zone3 or Zone2 + Zone3 I just inserted 2 campaign: CAMPAIGN 1 -> zone2 banner and zone3 banner CAMPAIGN 2 -> zone1 banner and zone3 banner my goal is to only show campaign 1 (zones 2 and 3) or campaign 2 (zones 1 and 3) but when i load the page i always see zone1 from campaign2 and zones 2 and 3 from campaign 1. How can i load only one from CAMPAIGN 1 and CAMPAIGN 2? thank you :)
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