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  1. A customer which use Adform want to tracks click for his publicity. I have a website with a 728x90 zone for some advertisers. Adform doc specify for Revive Adserver to use {random} and {clickurl} like this sample code : <script language="javascript" src="http://track.adform.net/adfscript/?bn=43547;click={clickurl}"></script> <noscript> <a href="{clickurl}http://track.adform.net/c/?bn=43547;c=0" target="_blank"> <img src="http://track.adform.net/adfserve/?bn=43547;srctype=4;ord={random}" border="0" width="468" height="60" alt=""> </a> </noscript> I'm try to do this with "html banner" but banner doesn't appears I think, it's probably a zone problem becauce i dont' specify any support 3rd party server clicktracking. I updated my header zone invocation code and indicate for support 3rd party server clicktracking : Revive adserver Finally i copy past this code in my website but banner always doesn't appears. Do I have an error in my implementation of Adform on the banner or the area ? thanks
  2. REC is RECettes in french (Revenue !) Many thanks !
  3. Hello Erik, Please find attached a screen shot ! Thanks
  4. Hello, In statistics history for a campaign, we have a column name : REC. What is REC ? Thanks
  5. I found ! my Banners zone had a Delivery capping per visitor. i removed it and now it's ok !
  6. Hello, I use Revive Adserver on a website with three zones. For each zone , I use the js invocation code and I noticed that the first opening of website in browsers (IE, Chrome and Firefox) , banners in header zone don't display. Banners in other zone are display I must refresh the page to view display in header zone What happend ? is there a solution? Thank you
  7. Hello, You need to use a vast player VAST2 with Vidix. You can use : videojs player : http://www.videojs.com/ Projekktor : http://www.projekktor.com/shop/vast/ You can test your VAST2 tag with the Google Video Suite Inspector See: https://developers.google.com/interactive-media-ads/docs/vastinspector_dual?hl=en
  8. Hi Chinnu, I contacted Longtailvideo and they said : You can use Flowplayer but not flowplayer + OVA or JW6 ads... Best regards !
  9. Hi Chinnu G, we can't use Flow Player with OVA Plugin for delivery ads in a commercial website. It's necessary to migrate and use JW6 Ads.
  10. Hi Chinnu G, I use Flowplayer but i didn't see any parameters for language. http://static.openvideoads.org/qa/latest/ova.flowplayer/examples/index.html. Specific options are for playlists, customs properties.... : http://static.openvideoads.org/qa/latest/ova.flowplayer/examples/flowplayer-specific/index.html
  11. Great thanks ! It's possible to change language of messages incorparating in ads like "This advertissement run for 30 seconds"... ? Bye
  12. Hello, After incorporating a video in Revive Adserver, how do you display / post it on the website? Great thanks for you help
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