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  1. then there is probably a backdoor placed on your server.
  2. try going to : https://3v4l.org/7HRAM pick any of the strings add to ur config file : secret="Ux8nXJBjOToKImCEdLHJdAWp3iJ+Vhe4mTPydTIF7XA=" at the bottom of the [delivery] section in ur config file
  3. ok; backups are always good to have. but my question is, if you've copied the old config files over the new config files created by the upgrade?
  4. did you copy back the config files you had before ?
  5. hi there, can you please PM me the e-mail that you're using ?
  6. Maybe a web scraper / bot triggering something. Hard to say without any logging or more information
  7. hm, okay .. did you set a redirect in for example apache to use https or so ?
  8. i'm afraid this doesn't exist out of the box
  9. Hello! Official documentation is all in English
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