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  1. Yes it can be used for video advertising
  2. There have been many bugfixes and open redirect vulnerabilities fixed. So possibly bots are not using your Revive Installation for open redirects anymore. Please read trough the release notes when you update your environment 🙂 it's all listed in there
  3. https://www.revive-adserver.com/support/requirements/
  4. yes. and all information you need, is in the first reply i've sent you.
  5. Yes; exactly. That's why I told you that the conversation tracking setting is enabled. So it supports conversion tracking... You can't see the option, but it's enabled.
  6. you can't get admin access on Revive Adserver Hosted. if thats what you want, you need to install your own instance on a server
  7. That's because you are not an admin user. but I can assure you that that setting is enabled; exactly like in the screenshots you've sent
  8. That setting can only be changed by admin users. That said; the setting is enabled on Revive Hosted. Please read trough the following post :
  9. Hi there, We don't have any local endpoints in (SE)-Asia at the moment, but we do see demand increasing; if this continues to rise we might add that location to our resources. That said; we do serve several clients in Asia, and they haven't had any issues with latency. If you want, I can do some latency tests if you provide an IP-address which I can probe. Feel free to DM me! kind regards, Ian
  10. then there is probably a backdoor placed on your server.
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