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  1. Any rogue admin users? Why are you so sure there is not backdoor on your server?
  2. Not out of the box, but you could think about making a MySQL cluster, or use Amazon RDS
  3. You can enable caching (it's enabled by default) in the settings. If a banner is not in cache obviously it would need to retrieve it from the DB 🙂
  4. Just install it in the regular way, copy the codebase to the delivery boxes (you can skip the admin folder) The delivery engines will need access to the database ! 🙂 You don't need sticky sessions
  5. If you 'only' have one database you don't need to run maintenance on the delivery servers separate, just on the main database 1 min after full hour
  6. Hi there, Yes it is possible. It's lacking documentation, but it works. And yes, you should be able to scale horizontally with those amount of numbers. AWS is quite expensive though, if you're considering AWS, you might even consider outsourcing the hosting, and not have the technical challenges of running those numbers.
  7. Go to : Inventory -> websites -> Click on your website, last tab "User access"
  8. @vinmhas thanks for your report
  9. https://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/5226-mobile-ads-have-been-hijacked/
  10. sure if you can send it to me, i'll check if it's comparable with the other report we've received
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