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  1. Hello, We have 115M impressions per month. Our VPS configuration is : 8 CPU, 18 Gb Ram, 100Mb/s bandwidth. Despite of the performance of the VPS, it is taken down by Revive at least twice a day. On the monitoring, we can see that the CPU usage is (monthly average) at 50%, the server load at 50% too. We have 180 hits/sec on the server. We can also see that the MySql requests are about 50-100/sec for INSERT, and 800/sec for QUESTIONS (what are mysql questions ?). Our VPS console doesn't have any Memory monitoring, but I've created mine, and I can see that the free memory is going down for about 600Mo per hour, while the available memory is stable at 16Gb. Have you any thoughts or advices about this situation ? We already have contacted our hosting support, they say that the application (revive) is too greedy and does not free memory correctly.. they also say that the memory consumption crashes the server, then it reboots. What do you think ? Attachments are monthly server monitoring.
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