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  1. Hello Adservermods, This is a fresh install package Ver. 3.2.1, there is no mods installed & I have not edited any files. Thank You for Your Time! Rube
  2. Hello Everybody, Can anybody make some suggestions on fixing this? http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/1940-login-popup-error-but-no-error-in-debuglog-please-help-me/ I'm stuck on this error & I can't go any farther, until I correct this error. Thank You for Your time! Rube
  3. Hello Everybody, I really need some help on this permission problem... I'm new at this & lack knowledge on this kind of thing. How do I correct this permission error? Thank You for Your Time! Rube
  4. Hello Everybody, I'm receiving this popup error when I login... ""See the debug.log file for the list of unwritable files"" There is no error in the debug.log file? I deleted all files in my var/cache folder that start with cache & error is still there. I also emptied the debug.log file & error still there. How to correct this popup permission error? Thank You for Your Time! Rube PS: I've been stuck on this error for almost a week, I can't go any further until this error is corrected.
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