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  1. hello, Revive Adserver is really awesome. i found everything I wanted for my small company except one thing : How can I define a rate (%) the company (me) will take between the advertiser and the publisher. For example : The advertiser will pay 20$ for 100 clicks. I want the publisher gains 15$ (and not 20$ because I'm taking 5$). Is there a way to do that ? Thank you.
  2. Hello I found a function on google and want to add it. Do I need to create a plugin for that ? Is there a simple way by adding it directly to the source code ? Thank you
  3. Did you get answers regarding this ? I am interrested too
  4. Hello, Do you know Taboola or Outbrain ? These 2 companies are content recommendation "adserver". I would like to do the same for my small website network. Do you have some advices ? Thank you
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