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  1. Okay, I paused Cloudflare and now it displays correctly sometimes and displays incorrectly other times. Can't work out what the problem is... What would make a banner from one zone display in another zone?
  2. Further investigation has revealed that this may be an issue with Cloudflare caching.
  3. I just wanted to add some more information: The issue definitely seems connected to using two javascript invocation codes on the same page with creatives that are the same size. When I use one javascript invocation code and one asynchronous JS tag there is no issue. Before anyone asks: Yes, the invocation code is in the correct part of the template. Yes, the invocation codes are for different zones. Anyone have any idea what the problem might be?
  4. I will post an image to demonstrate what I mean. The below image is of a vbulletin forum thread. One ad zone is a ROS zone located in the navbar template. The other is in the SHOWTHREAD template and is located after the last post in each page of a thread. However, the ad that should display after the last post in each page of the thread displays just under the ad in the navbar template instead of after the last post, as you can see in the attached image. I really need to figure out what the problem is. Revive Ad server version is latest version but it has happened with previous versions as well.
  5. Hi folks, I am still experiencing this problem. It is happening in vBulletin forum threads. I have one JS code snippet for one zone in the navbar template and another in the SHOWTHREAD template and they will display together instead of at different end of the thread. When I use a JS tag and an asynchronous tag for the different zones the problem is fixed but the asynchronous tag causes some browsers to lock up. Any ideas?
  6. I should also point out that when this happens the two banners are always the same dimensions. The one placed further down the page just will not display in its intended location. It is always displayed immediately below the banner placed further up the page in another zone.
  7. I have a serious problem with Revive Ad Server. I recently upgraded to Revive Ad Server 3.2.1 but am not sure if that has anything to do with my issue. I have a large campaign that is being displayed in every zone on my website. However, in two different places on my website, ads are not showing in their correct zone placement but directly underneath another zone. I will post some screenshots to illustrate. These two banners should be displayed in different zones in separate areas of the same page. However, the lower zone is currently being displayed directly under the zone which is displayed above it rather than in its correct placement. Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? I need to solve this issue ASAP but have absolutely no idea what is causing it. All help gratefully appreciated.
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