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  1. I found the issue. When I access the ads server with Mozilla, it now blocks any kind of scripts or tracking scripts such as the code above. If use chrome or turn off the Mozilla feature and it all works fine. Sorry to bother you and thank you for listening. Just an FYI
  2. This time last year I was able to add this code into Generic HTML Banner <script type="text/javascript" src="https://voken.eyereturn.com/j4/js?7935671"></script> Once I set the size it would pull in the banner info into Revive and be able to server the banners and allow the 3rd party tracking. What has changed in the last updates? Can anyone shed some light on this please?
  3. I will do that, is there anything else you can suggest? Any other ways to possibly block them from injecting the code in the prepend?
  4. There is only one DB user account to log into, there is only one Revive login account all others are deleted. I am using Plesk to manage multiple sites so are you referring to another possible PW to log into PHPmyAdmin?
  5. I know this may sounds crazy but I think how ever they have hacked in, they now have access to the DB or there is something in the DB thats giving them access, I have removed the line from genericText.delivery.php, turned off the ability to use PHP in the image folder, removed any PHP files from the image folder, went into the database and varchar(0) the prepend/append in the zones and banners, change password for the DB and the Site Admin and 12 hrs later the attack is back, the varchar is changed back to text in the prepend and 3 of my zones have code added back. I really need to know how to at least lock them out from adding that code. So far all the recommendations have been done and its still coming back. I would be willing to let you team take a look at our ads server and DB at anytime if it will help this get resolved.
  6. Yes that may affect the delivery.
  7. If I make the file "plugins/bannerTypeText/oxText/genericText.delivery.php" read only then I get errors when I log in.
  8. Has any of this been resolved? How are they getting back into the DB and making changes. I had varchar(0) on append/prepend on all zones and today its been changed back and the code is back in the Zones.
  9. I have tried all this and some how they are still getting on my system altering the Append/Prepend even after I have turned it off in the DB, please help!!
  10. I have the same issue. For some reason my "Direct Selection" is no longer shown since my last upgrade. I have confirmed that the plug-ins are enabled and check approrpiately. I still need to upgrade to version 3.1.0, will this fix my problem is it something else that nots set correctly?
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