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  1. Recently Geo Targeting for Revive adserver with GeoIP plugin is not working. Previously it was working fine. I have uploaded the new database GeoIP.dat file. But still it is not working. using targeting to a banner completely stop delivering that banner to all the Geo's. There is an update of GeoIP Database which is in mmdb format. How to use mmdb format in revive for GeoIP plugin?
  2. Recently i have transfered my revive adserver to a new VPS hosting (Digital ocean) which don't have a cpanel. Everything works fine but All the impressions and clicks tracked by revive adserver are not send to google adsense. For Example Last day in revive panel I got 75000+ Impressions and 478 Clicks but in the Google adsense only 12000+ Impressions and 54 Clicks were counted. Is it for transfering to the new server? There has been a great fall in my revenue. I am very much depressed about this.
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