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  1. We used latest version a few weeks, but get complains with screenshot of kaspersky virus warnings show it was some kind of infected. I had expected better security now... Nikki
  2. I have set up 1 zone with 1 Remnant campaign as defoult ads when no override or contract campaign. Then i have set up 1 geo targeted override campaign for 1 country..who should be priority for this country. If i set limitation on 1 Remnant campaign, by sellecting all countries, unless the country used for geo targeted override campaign its working.. But if i not set limitation...my override geo campaign not display ads. I would expect a override campaign to get priority, and i would expect remnant to be secondary. Since there will be many different geo targeted campaigns, and they will change, its not a solution to must sellect all other countries for Remnant... I also tested limitation - IS NOT ANY OF - means not display contries same as im geotargetting, but not worked too Any ideas how to solve this a effective way? Nikki
  3. Thats great..thanks for sharing Nikki
  4. ok thanks im testing...javascript will work? Nikki
  5. Hello Any demo? Hows progress on Handling registration fees, and campaign creation, etc ? Nikki
  6. What you added in html code? pop code? Nikki
  7. If want to create an account for an advertiser, how i do that? Nikki
  8. Can you explain how you did this? Nikki
  9. How you added popunder? You used any plugin? Nikki
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