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  1. Commnuity, I am generating HTML banners through a script and would like to override the htmltemplate for banners directly. The problem I run into is that with a direct DB write the htmlcache property of the banner critical for the delivery is not updated. Anyone can think of a process on how to keep htmlcache updated other than generating it myself? Is there an API or simialr I could connect to?
  2. pppez80

    Banner Refresh With Asynchronous Tag

    Thanks Erik, So it seems the iframe invocation mode is our best bet? Iframes aren't blocking the rendering process either, do they? So is there a big disadvantage by using the iframes over the asynchronous JS tag? Thanks a lot for your help!
  3. Revive Team, Wanted to see if their are existing solutions to auto refresh banners (e.g. every 5 minutes) when using the Asynchronous tag? We have a site where users spend up to 40 minutes on a single page that auto updates. It would be nice to be able to auto update the banners. Any pointers are welcome! Best /ppez80