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  1. oh_hello

    Mobile ads have been hijacked

    Same problem happened to me. Only one of my ad zones had that nasty code added to the prepend column, but I've manually deleted it. The genericText´╗┐.delivery.php file had that extra line of code at the end which I've deleted. I had a php file in the www/images directory which I've removed. I have a backup of this php file if @Ian vM or any admin would like to see it? I've been using a separate directory to serve image ads for a long time, and that directory didn't have any extra php file in it I can change admin account passwords and the database password. Any other recommendations to prevent this attack in the future? Thanks.
  2. oh_hello

    Demographic-Based Delivery Options

    Completely understood. Thanks Andrew!
  3. oh_hello

    Demographic-Based Delivery Options

    Thanks. The plugin's a bit out of our price range but interesting nonetheless.
  4. Hi There, It seems like more and more ad servers are integrating demographic-based information into their targeting criteria. Info such as age or gender that is either pre-determined based on some sort of historical cookie or passed directly from the publisher based on site registration information. Has Revive considered introducing demographic criteria into their delivery options? I have no idea what this would entail from a techinical standpoint so it's just a starting point for the discussion. I know I have a client who is very interested in this ability and I agree it could be a valuable piece of functionality. Thanks.