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  1. + more : 1) I tried to run scheduled maintenance on my Windows by using task scheduler and wget and I gave the following command to run : -q -o /dev/null http://www.localhost/server/scripts/maintenance/maintenance.php The statistics were not updated. 2) I tries to run the following url manually: www.localhost/server/scripts/maintenance/maintenance.php An error saying something lile access denied came. Please help in these. Thanks.
  2. Hi All, I am new to AdServing and thus have a few questions: 1) I have used various types of image banners, can I use .gif banners like that? 2) For scheduled maintenance, can I use wget on Windows 7? 3) May be this is a silly question but still I wish to ask, how will my clients get convinced by the results when I show them the XML sheets of statistics of the campaign ? It is because they may have doubts that the results are woven by me. Kindly let me know on that as I am a new guy in this business. Thanks a lot !!
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