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  1. Do you know what's need to be tweaking ? I'm trying to achieve upgrade with new subdomain. I did : - copy var/old-subdomain.tld.conf.php to var/new-subdomain.tld.conf.php - replace old subdomain strings with the new inside : new-subdomain.tld.conf.php.conf.php - Made available the path to old subdomain directory to the new installation At step 4 I give the path to old folder , but it fails. /var/install.log says : Starting file-check for plugins... Plugin: openXBannerTypes - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: openXDeliveryLimitations - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: openX3rdPartyServers - Unable to locate XML files Plugin: openXReports - Unable to locate XML files .... Starting file-check for plugins... Plugin: openXVideoAds - Unable to locate file: /data/web/OLD_REVIVE/www/admin/extensions/videoReport/navigation/oxVastMenuChecker.php Plugin: openXVideoAds - Unable to locate file: /data/web/OLD_REVIVE/www/admin/extensions/videoReport/VastAreaGraph.php Plugin: openXVideoAds - Unable to locate file: /data/web/OLD_REVIVE/www/admin/extensions/videoReport/VastMultiAreaGraph.ph etc.. Same for all plugins. So yes the old folder has no www/admin/extensions folder, I check on the old server, and same no www/admin/extensions folder I'm on it, but if someone has an idea ? :) Thanks, Update 13h09 : Seems to be a mess between my .conf.php and my really plugins folder. I did pass the step by validating the url in adress bar, thens going to extensions administration and "import (code only)" each plugin.
  2. Thanks, I had the same on my fresh install. I was searching what cause this display, it's seems to override PHP error_reporting and display , but did not find in wich file.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to build a little plugin to add some addLayer styles. (I'd like to do this to just have the zip to send after each revive upgrade, and better understanding revive-adserver plugins system) Here is my files node inside the xml <install> <files> <file path="{MODULEPATH}invocationTags/oxInvocationTags/layerstyles/phsite/">invocation.inc.php</file> <file path="{MODULEPATH}invocationTags/oxInvocationTags/layerstyles/phsite/">layerstyle.inc.php</file> <file path="{MODULEPATH}invocationTags/oxInvocationTags/layerstyles/phsite/">close_pop_mini.png</file> <file path="www/images/layerstyles/phsite/">close_pop_mini.png</file> </files> </install>I would like close_pop_min.png be available inside www/images/layerstyles/phsite/ but if I use <file path="www/images/layerstyles/phsite/">close_pop_mini.png</file> extension install script check says me : Illegal file location found : www/images/layerstyles/phsite/close_pop_mini.png And when it's inside {MODULEPATH}invocationTags/oxInvocationTags/layerstyles/phsite/ it's not allowed to access it via url because of .htaccess Is there a way to add some files inside www/images ? I saw the is {ADMINPATH} for www/admin but my file is not related to admin for me .. ( Sorry for my poor english :/)
  4. Can you attach the image for testing ?
  5. Hi, Here is some javascript to easy have click count with swiffy ads inside an iframe. In Revive adserver : create HTML Generic Banner, replace [URL_OF_YOUR_HTML_SWIFFY_FILE] with the url of your swiffy html file. We give clickurl with magicmacro <iframe src="[URL_OF_YOUR_HTML_SWIFFY_FILE]?clickurl={clickurl}" width="100%" height="90px" frambedorder="0"></iframe> Edit your swiffy html file, go down and replace last <script> block <script> var stage = new swiffy.Stage(document.getElementById('swiffycontainer'), swiffyobject, {}); stage.start(); </script>With <script> // !!!!!!! Ads destination link !!!!!! var lienClient = ''; var clickurl = /clickurl=([^&]+)/.exec(document.location.href)[1]; var swiffycontainer = document.getElementById('swiffycontainer'); if (clickurl) { var parent = swiffycontainer.parentNode; var wrapper = document.createElement('a'); wrapper.setAttribute("href", clickurl + lienClient); wrapper.setAttribute("target", "_blank"); // set the wrapper as child (instead of the element) parent.replaceChild(wrapper, swiffycontainer); // set element as child of wrapper wrapper.appendChild(swiffycontainer); } var stage = new swiffy.Stage(swiffycontainer, swiffyobject, {}); stage.start(); </script> Thanks to http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/3194-generic-html5-banner-clicks-tracking/ and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6938248/insert-a-div-element-as-parent
  6. Trying async tag, I add data-revive-<VARIABLE_NAME>="<VARIABLE_VALUE>" to the <ins> tag.
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