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    pcmediahost got a reaction from andrewatfornax in Advertiser Self Management Of Banners.   
    I really think Revive should make a standard login dashboard for both publisher and advertiser. One, that is; flexible, upgradeable, light, easy to use, and easy to look at. If that was created, in a fairly short span of time, I believe Revive would quickly accelerate getting inundated with people and developers wanting to check it out and possibly chip in. I would think that just out of the box functionality alone would be beneficial for developers wanting a dashboard as the foundation to CMS platform extensions and plug-ins,
    In fact, I am concerned that without it many developers may not be so willing to spend the money or time in development to obtain any basic needs they may require, that are not available now. .Especially if the development relies on a dashboard created by a unknown 3rd party. and If other people also make dashboards, it could hurt  the developer’s incentive and ability to go through one party for complete functionality and/or support. .

    .I don't know about ya'll, but I 'm really hoping a Jomsocial or Wordpress developer comes walking into the forum with the intent to make Revive an extension for Joomla or Wordpress. There is potential for the extension to take over all advertising needs of a site, and provide banner exchanges.used for site announcements and more. It can also be implemented into other popular software as plugins making Revive the defualt advertiser plugin for that software. Not to mention the typical basic functionality it would have been built for, which is he auto installation into a live CMS platform used by 10's of millions of people.
    Besides much faster growth, I would think this dashboard would be like a foot in the door for Revive too, at anytime Revive could implement something, For instance: maybe a central advertising hub people could bid on for ads (remember that), monitoring ability to data on how the product is used, data error logging, software udpate ability or who knows what could come up... but  regardles Revive would be there with a dashboard, one that can be updated at any time and even earning free advertising credits with that nifty little banner exchange plug-in they added, that grabs potential users and developers, like a lighthouse sitting upon the shoreline of a dim moonlit night, giving relief and direction to the sailors as they navigate the thunderous sounds of crashing.waves, with it's flashing beacon of warm light.
    Anyways, I get carried sometimes, but to finish up... I think you guys have a great thing here and know that you guys know than I do. Sometimes a fresh look can see things differently. I sure hope the importance of the payment dashboard is reconsidered. 
    Thanks for your time,
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    pcmediahost reacted to GospoD in Joomla Integration   
    its realy simple to use atm i just add on template index file
    <script async src="//ads.yourdomain.com/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script> and then just add a costum HTML module and add a
    <ins data-revive-zoneid="YourZoneID" data-revive-id="DATA IT"></ins> Simple as cake.
    Hope this will help for someone.
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    pcmediahost reacted to andrewatfornax in Joomla Integration   
    Totally agree! C'mon down, Joomla developers, and get coding :-)
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    pcmediahost got a reaction from Erik Geurts in Advertiser Self Service?   
    Sorry for my comment, I htought I was being funny but after reading it did not come out that way. I remvoed it. I was prlobably mad that I could not afford it or something, Sorry Richard Foley.
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    pcmediahost reacted to vetonitss in Advertiser Self Service?   
    Ok. Thank you for your Answer!
    I think i can create the sign up form for advertisers and publishers.
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    pcmediahost got a reaction from Richard Foley in Banner Exchange Abilities   
    I think banner exchange abilities with a publisher and advertiser sign up, they would need to join through a dashboard, with one single login. Each dashboard would need to ahve Publisher and Advertiser menus and would need ot be an automated process.

    The admin is able to adjust setttings for whatever ratio desired. The source code provided to the publishers could even have a discret logo of the banner exchange on the borer of the ad. It could even provide the advertiser with referral credit for anyone through their site that signs up (this may reduce the admin needs to have high ratio if their advertising is already out there). Credits cor ould be used to intice new signup or to rewqrd the referrer, or  for whatever reason. Of course the new signups would also have access to the same.

    For example, If the ratio was 1000 banners displayed earns the publisher 950 credits (or whatever the admin decides), with an established customer base of people advertising, not only your logo, but possibly bringing in new signups, plus a little credit on the side for these bonues, and hopefully using up paid inventory as well... sounds like a good deal to me,

    They key is getting an established automated dashboard for the Advertisers and Publishers, that is standard. So developers can build around it. with plugins. (in my opinion). I don't htink many developers will be inerested in creating a dashboard if they know that there is no standard dasboard, as thier plugin only might work for a few of the.. or if they have to  make it themselves, either way without a standard dashboard ,there would still be less demand for their product, if it does not work with them alll.

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