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  1. Am adding a new admin page on my dashboard under inventory; it's going to have a modified way of organizing banners. So I started off by adding the menu item via the config.xml and then copy/pasted the campaign-banners.php to this new file. When clicking the link I get the following error (logged in as admin): Menu system error: Manager::banners-region not found for the current user: you might not have sufficient permission to view this page. If the problem persists, you can also try to delete the files inside your /path/to/openx/var/cache/ directory. How do I allow admin access to that page banners-region.php? The failure happens in the phpAds_PageHeader() function. I don't see how campaign-banners.php was "added" so I can't use anything as a reference. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Until I know of a better way to handle it; I've decided to ensure that no more than 10 are in the cookie. after 10; I remove one before adding the new one.
  3. btw: as noted to other users have a similar problem - it eventually (after several page refreshes) - maxes out the cookie size - which then leads to failure. Am using avw.php; although there are other methods; isn't there a way (or has someone already done this) modified the Max_cookieAdd() to check the number already there and remove one of the first ones first; then adding the new one? For me; there never should be "site broken" - just because someone hit F5 too many times on a page that renders a single Ad. (not using any capping)
  4. I want to limit the number of OAVARS[] being added to a user's cookie. every page refresh adds a new one. What is the best way to prevent this or set a limit? Either prevent it or limit the number (e.g. check during the Max_AddCookie() function)
  5. With a little additional work; here is how I can control to present all of them or just some based on a limit parameter: For reference; this is within the foreach of an array of zones being passed - you can see this in most of the delivery files (e.g. ax.php: line 4307) if ( $limit === 0 ){ $allAds = MAX_cacheGetZoneLinkedAdInfos ($thisZoneid); $aBannerIds = array_keys($allAds['xAds']); foreach( $aBannerIds as $adId){ $what = "zone:".$thisZoneid.",+bannerid:".$adId; $aBanners[] = MAX_adSelect($what, $campaignid, $target, $source, $withtext, $charset, $context, true, $ct0, $loc, $referer); } } else { $what = "zone:".$thisZoneid; do { $aBanners[] = MAX_adSelect($what, $campaignid, $target, $source, $withtext, $charset, $context, true, $ct0, $loc, $referer); } while(--$limit > 0); }
  6. I have one solution - I modified my ajson.php to do the following: $allAds = MAX_cacheGetZoneLinkedAdInfos ($thisZoneid); $aBannerIds = array_keys($allAds['xAds']); foreach( $aBannerIds as $adId){ $what = "zone:".$thisZoneid.",+bannerid:".$adId; $aBanners[] = MAX_adSelect($what, $campaignid, $target, $source, $withtext, $charset, $context, true, $ct0, $loc, $referer); } This dumps all of the banners for each zone that is passed to the delivery.
  7. Actually - I think the question was multiple banners per zone with one call - instead of multiple zones. I know that if you want to call it six times; you can use the spc and pass zones=1|1|1|1|1|1 (6 ones) and that would call it 6 times. Has anyone worked on the adSelect to support multiple banners, in my case - I want ALL the banners for a zone. I've written a module that delivers JSON data so that another front-end can render how it needs to be; but I want it to pull all banners for a zone. Any ideas?
  8. Seems that nothing I do works to show the HTML_Quickform_Autocomplete: $elemRegion = $form->createElement('autocomplete', 'wmregion', 'Region:'); $elemRegion->setOptions($aRegions); $form->addElement($elemRegion); I see that a spacer is added; I also see that toHtml() of the autocomplete.php does return html; but I still don't see that final HTML on the form. if I change 'autocomplete' to a 'select' - I do see it. Has anyone used the 'autocomplete' before? Thank
  9. ahh - ok - had to also modify banner-edit to add it to the list; I thought this was something that would dynamically be added; but because I added a new type (json) instead of an HTML type - it didn't show up.
  10. I have a need to reply with json data instead of HTML so that front-end on the site can format the information as necessary. I've created the following files: 1. /plugins/bannerTypeJson/oxJson/genericJson.class.php 2. /plugins/bannerTypeJson/oxJson/genericJson.delivery.php 3. /plugins/etc/oxJson/oxJson.xml 4. /plugins/customBannerTypes.xml 5. /lib/OX/Extension/bannerTypeJson/bannerTypeJson.php 6/ /lib/OX/Extension/bannerTypeJson/bannerTypeJsonDelivery.php In #5 above: contentType = json storageType = json Modified config "allowedBanners": json=1 I see the plugin and clicking details shows me everything; but when adding a new banner - I don't see that type listed. I've been looking through the code to see how/where that information is pulled from - but I can't quite seem to locate it. any ideas?
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