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  1. So, here comes some more info of where I am now. Have downloaded and installed the files from Maxmind (the free versions) and everything seems to be set up the right way, but I can't make the following scenario work: I have one contract campaign with a daily roof of a fixed number of views. Then I have to Remnant Campaigns, one with adsense and one that is Geo Targeted. The Geo Targeted one have a higher weight than the adsense one. In my head, this is what should happen: 1. Show the "normal" ad until the conditions are met. 2. Skip to the Geo Targeted ad and check in which city t
  2. Hi! I'm trying to set up Geo Targeting for my Revive adserver, but have one question. I'm using the GeoLite City and GeoLite Country files from Maxmind (the .dat files) and have uploaded them to my server and added them in the Maxmind plugin settings. So far so good, but: When I try to Geo Target a banner by City, I first get to choose the country in a drop down list, but then there is only a text field where I add the cities. Is this the intended behaviour? I thought that there would be a drop down for the cities as well? Or should I write the cities manually? What if there are different
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