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  1. Hi, I am already a bit desperate, because some antivirus software identifies a problem with our adserver and the malware GIFrame-A hides somewhere on the server or in the database. I've searched the net and found some advice about removing malware for the revive adserver. I didn't find any entry in the banners or zone table in the database and I could not identify any modified Files on the server. We run 3.0.6 and I upgradet to 3.1.0, but this didn't resolve the problem. Has anybody experience witht that kind of malware and any hint where it hides? Our users report that the problem comes from www/delivery/lg.php or from here www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid%3D22&%3Bn%3D3cfe063 I am completely stuck where to look for the intrusion, maybe somebody had this issue with the mentioned malware and has a solution how to remove. best regads Michael
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