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  1. Hi, here a some more detailed information from the browser console (Filefox). Page: adserver/www/admin/campaign-edit.php Error messages: Content Security Policy: The page settings have blocked the loading of a resource on eval ("script-src"). min.php:409:23 Content Security Policy: The page settings have blocked the loading of a resource on eval ("script-src"). xajax.js:91:142 Uncaught EvalError: call to eval() blocked by CSP (about 20 more messages independant from content security policy declarations) I hope this information will help to fix the
  2. Hi, I have installed Revive in a subdirectory of my domain and it runs without problems since years. Now I installed some Content Security Policy rules in the .htaccess file for more security. After doing that the maximum number of the impressions of a campaign is 10. Higher numbers cannot be stored and will be corrected to 10. The priority level is also 10. If I reduce the priority level to a lower number, e.g. 1 the campaign can have only 1 impression. If I disable the Content Security Policy rule a campaign can have any number of impressions I put in. Has anyone an idea
  3. Hi, I want to migrate my Revive adserver to another domain on the same web server. I copied the whole installation (all files) to the new domain and changed the paths in the configuation file. Now I can see the backend and this part of the migration is competely O.K. But I don't see any banners on the website (I have changed the path, too): <ins data-revive-zoneid="xx" data-revive-target="_blank" data-revive-id="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"></ins><script async src="https://www.newdomain.de/adserver-dir/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script> Any ideas what the probl
  4. Yes. You see the rules defined under Preferences - > Delivery Rule Set Management
  5. Yes, I use Revive Adserver v4.1.4 ...
  6. I'm sorry, but there is definitely no " Site - Delivery Rule Set" on a banner page when I proceed as described in your manual. I've found another way: When I go to "Preferences -> Delivery Rule Set Management" I can also "Add new Delivery Rule Set". And now I can go to the delivery option page of any banner and select the option "Site Channel" to find my delivery rule defined under "Preferences". Is this another way to do the right thing or is your documentation not up to date? I use the newset version of revive. Best regards tobean
  7. All my banners are linked to a zone, but I don't see the delivery rules defined on website basis there (Delivery Rules: No delivery rules). I can define the rules for each banner individually but this would be a lot of work ... any other idea what's my mistake?
  8. Hi! thank you. This option seemsl be perfect to solce the problem! One questions: I can define these rules on banner or website basis. I guess this is the better option otherwise I must define the rules for every simgle banner. But when I define a whitelist of domains on website basis, I cannot see the defined rule when I look at the deivery rules for a banner of the defined website. I my configuration correct or where cann I see that it is a problem? Best regards tobean
  9. Hi! How can I define that banners are only displayed on my own domain? If someone copies the banner code he can display the banners from our server to his pages. I tried to modify the .htaccess file to prohibit this, but this was not successful. Thanks for your help tobean
  10. Upgrades are normally an easy job but you should always make a copy of the database and the old installation. I've also changed the new privacy settings but did not test the new cookie. Good luck tobean
  11. Hi Tim, thank you for the good news! I'll install the new version immediately. tobean
  12. Hi scalemates, tnak you! It seemed to be too easy just to change it in the config. I hope that an easier way will be implemented soon. tobean
  13. Hi Eric, this is your answer to this really important question? The official answer? Then, this is the end of Revive in the EU! I fully agree with Mr. Sperber. Really disappointing after so many years ... tobean
  14. Hi! in the future it must be possible to opt out from setting cookies in Revive adserver. In the actual release cookies seem to be set for one year. In the config file I found the option permCookieSeconds=31536000 Is it possible to reduce this time to 1 hour (or for the actual browser session)? Or what is the reason that the cookie lives for 1 year? Or can I even set permCookieSeconds=0 to get rid of all cookies? I know that some feature will no longer work in this case (e.g. display the same banner more than once). It would be nice to get an anser from Eric or another
  15. Wie Eric weiter oben geschrieben hat, kann man dafür kein Browser Caching nutzen. Generell würde ich Google-Empfehlungen eher geringe Bedeutung beimessen. Die verlangen von Webmastern gerne 1.000 Sachen, die Sie selbst nicht einhalten auf Ihrer eigenen Seite, oder morgen wollen sie ganz was ganz von Dir wie AMP etc. und https ist dann doch kein Ranking-Kriterium mehr. Schau Dir nur mal die gefühlt 1.000 Syntaxfehler im Adsense-Code, die dir auch jeder Validator um die Ohren haut. So wird man als Unternehmen generell unglaubwürdig ...
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