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    karen.mikaela got a reaction from andrewatfornax in Trouble Setting Campaign Start And End Dates Using The Api   
    When i was usign xmlrcp api v2 i had the same problem, I resolved using pear Date instead a String Date.
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    karen.mikaela got a reaction from andrewatfornax in Underdeliverance When Using 'contract' Campaigns   
    Maybe that behavior happens because there is a bug timezone on Revive 3.1.0 see this issue
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    karen.mikaela got a reaction from Richard Foley in How To Create Your Own Plugin?   
    My first plugin using ldap library for authentication in revive.
    Maybe useful for someone.
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    karen.mikaela got a reaction from Richard Foley in Is This The Policy In Revive Adserver Hide Developer Documentation To Force To Pay For Support ? !   
    The same here, i don´t know how to create a plugin for revive. 
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    karen.mikaela reacted to nathank in Probability Shown 5% Even With One Campaign And One Banner   
    I am experiencing this issue as well. No matter how many changes I make to the campaign/remnant settings, I can't seem to change that remnant ads have a 95% probability, and contract ads have a 5% probability. Even if only one ad type of each is scheduled for a zone, the remnant always wins.
    I was hopeful that erygh's comment above would apply to my situation, but no amount of adjusting campaign weights or banner weights seem to change this.
    My specifics: I have a website with 3 defined zones, and since the server update, remnant ads have received top priority over contract ads. To get non-remnant ads to appear, we've had to run them all as "contract (exclusive)," which I believe is now called "override." This is problematic, as it does not allow for the counting of impressions, and scheduling/unscheduling must be done manually.
    There is a very good chance that what I'm experiencing is due to my own error, but I feel like I've tried just about everything on the ad server side of it. The GIF below shows our linked zones page during this tinkering process. The contract campaign I'm trying to fix has 5,000 impressions scheduled for a one-week period. It's set to use a CPM price model, but no rate is currently set. I understand that leaving that space blank may be responsible for confusing the server, but I've even tried filling in some amounts there, to no avail. Any insight or ideas are greatly appreciated!

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    karen.mikaela reacted to zoria in Underdeliverance When Using 'contract' Campaigns   
    I've been digging in Revive forum and I found some more topics related to the problem.
    It seems some other users also had problems with contract campaigns after switching to Revive.
    Maybe something else than algorithm is causing those underdeliverances?
    Campaigns begun to get underdelivered after upgrading from Openx.
    Is there something my CTO should check?
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    karen.mikaela got a reaction from Matteo Beccati in How To Create Your Own Plugin?   
    Here some intro to begin your plugin
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    karen.mikaela reacted to checkad in How To Customize Login Page   
    What is the best way to customize the login page ?
    I did notice the user interface configuration to change the title, and add some info in the header and footer. But it does'nt seems to allow to do whatever you want on the login page right ? meaning with slider, new layout, with more information, etc...
    So following my previous question with a link to the lib, I found in /lib/templates/ the
    - login.html page
    and under the layout folder :
    several files like
    - styles.html to add my own styles
    - scripts.html to add some js
    - main.html
    Is it correct to modify these files ? or should i do a another proper way ? (especially as I think these files will be deleted during any future update)
    Thank you
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    karen.mikaela reacted to sitehost in How To Create Your Own Plugin?   
    Is there a step by step guide or a plugin set we can use to get started in creating our own plugins?
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    karen.mikaela reacted to andrewatfornax in Is This The Policy In Revive Adserver Hide Developer Documentation To Force To Pay For Support ? !   
    We took over the project a year ago. The plugin framework that exists is exactly how we inherited it - we have not worked on it at all in the last year, as there are simply too many other things that we have been trying to do.
    As soon as we can, we will absolutely document how to write plugins -- but be aware that even then, there will be lots of things people will want to do with plugins that the framework will not support, so it's not like documentation will automatically make everything be possible to be done as a plugin.
    For now, our focus is on fixing the bugs we can, adding new features where there seems to be the broadest demand (so that we can help out as many users as we possibly can) and writing user documentation first, then admin documentation, and finally developer documentation. For us, that seems to be the best way we can help out the Revive Adserver community.
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    karen.mikaela reacted to AhmedElkanany in Is This The Policy In Revive Adserver Hide Developer Documentation To Force To Pay For Support ? !   
    is this the Policy in revive adserver hide developer documentation to force to pay for support ???? !!!!!! I'm tired from searching  more than 15 day for now how i can make my own plugin , and i can't find any documentation ??
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