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  1. Maybe that behavior happens because there is a bug timezone on Revive 3.1.0 see this issue https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/497
  2. When i was usign xmlrcp api v2 i had the same problem, I resolved using pear Date instead a String Date.
  3. Hi @Zoria. Did you get solve your problem with contract campaign? I have the same issue. Tks.
  4. My first plugin using ldap library for authentication in revive. https://github.com/karen-mikaela/ldap-auth Maybe useful for someone.
  5. that is a good ideia. A 'mobile/desktop' limitation it will be useful.
  6. Here some intro to begin your plugin https://github.com/rhapsodyv/revive-plugins-doc
  7. Please, anyone can explain how can i view delivery.log? I have already enabled true flag in conf file. But i can't see anything happen. The file delivery.log did not create. Tks.
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