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  1. Hello, maybe the following links can help you. Please let me know if you need any further information, when you try to get the data. http://blackriver.to/2011/12/openx-api-part-1/ http://blackriver.to/2011/12/openx-api-advertisers-part-2/ Good luck.
  2. Hello Mohammed, can you share your php version and can you check if pear is active on your server?
  3. yes it is possible. you could implement it very easy in the search results page and include the search keys into SOURCE part of the invocation Tag. In Banner level you can define the targeting options which could include the search keywords. Please let me know if you need further information.
  4. you can use test banners and target them for that given page url.
  5. Yes the logo can be easily removed. Just change to System Administrator -> Preferences -> User Interface Settings.
  6. I use source code for mobile targeting with mobileesp.com PHP Script. I add "mobile" if it detects a mobile device and add "tablet" if it detects tablet. So then I can target with targeting source or even building channels on it. Soon I will publish on my website many tricks with extending revive-adserver. I will then write here.
  7. Hello, really no one knows if it is possible to exclude any banner or campaign by id during delivery of a banner? Nobody needs such a function?
  8. Hello, thanks for your answer. But my question is more, that a banner or campaign should block other campaign or banner by campaign id or banner id. It needs to be done dynamically. For example we have Campaign 1 with ID = 1 And Campaign 2 with ID =2 Campaign 1 has 2 Banners Bannerid = 11 Bannerid = 12 Campaign 2 has 2 Banners Bannerid = 21 Bannerid = 22 it is possible during delivery of Campaign 1 blocking Campaign 2 or blocking any banner of campaign 2. Or even could we block by delivering the banners from campaign 1 the banners from campaign 2? Thanks for answer. Best Regards,
  9. Hello, unfortunately there is no such option. But you could enter the time on the last day so you dont need to wait. But you need to be sure that the impressions will be delivered till that time. Best Regards,
  10. Hallo die Trackers are think for conversion pixel and not tracking the impressions. Both are same reliable if you can call the image source with a random number, so it wont be cached and called from cache.
  11. No, without any plug-in it is not possible. But you could implement two banners in one campaign. One banner would be for desktop and one for the mobile. So you could report in banner level.
  12. Hello, if we assume that you put the old files under backup320 folder. Put all old files in that folder and copy the new files to server's root folder and copy the configuration file (which is in var path) to the same place from old servcer files. For the part you are having problem: you should fill the complete path on the server, and it is not http://... path, instead it should look like such : /usr/www/users/public_html/adserver/backup320 if you do it in right way, everything should work without any problems.
  13. Hello together, we are using revive-adserver with small changes. Normally we are able to block any banner or zone manually by putting the following code in banner level in comments field: as example: <?xml version='1.0'?> <conf> <block>bannerid:17</block> </conf> of course the delivery files altered and will take this information and blocking the appropriate banners. This function programmed early by another it supporter. Now we will use async loading and my question would be first, if there is such a function or possibility in revive-adserver. If yes, I would prefer to use the property, if not I will try to alter the async delivery files, to be able to block any banner or any zone by the banner. I just think, that the revive-adserver should support such a function, as sometimes customers doesnt want to have another banner on the page or we must implement the customers banners in different campaigns. I would appreciate any help. If you wish I can even send you altered spc.php and spcjs.php files. Thanks a lot for any answer.
  14. 40 User were on this topic and not any answer.. Has nobody any idea about the question? Thanks! 1251
  15. You can use global targeting channels too. For it go to Preferences->Targeting Channel Management. So these Channels will be able for every website. Best Regards,
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