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  1. Hey, i have a site variable for delivery limitation: regex match name: plz value: (1|2|3|4|5|6) when i add the the following to my snipped: document.write ('&plz=value') i only get a blank page
  2. We setup our revive adsever in the beginning of 2015 and we were experimenting with the banner delivery limitations to find out if its possible to limit the delivery according to postcodes which are generated in the url and it worked. we managed to define a regex for a range of postcodes and the banner always got delivered properly according to given limitations, eg. The value of this variable is a chain of postcodes, like: (1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9) In the delivery limitations you then can chose the channel But it isn't working at all! I've disabled the Cache but nothing changed, all i can see i
  3. Hey try regular expression :)
  4. in /admin/account-settings-banner-delivery.php What do you see in the frist form? Regular it should be 1200
  5. Hey Harshadewa, that's really strange, for me it sounds like they are doing both the same. I would go wit the global default banner image url, since it sounds more… globally :)
  6. Hey, i have two advertisers with the same settings, same campaign and same settings for the banners. Now when i want to show one banner of advertiser A on my wide skyscraper and at the same time one banner of advertiser B on my leaderboard, the banner of advertiser A gets delivered but not the banner of advertiser B. I set the cache to 0 to see instant changes, but nothing happens. When i deactivate advertiser A's banner, the other one then gets delivered. Putting advertiser B's banner to the banner-collection of advertiser A works fine, but thats not the approperiate way to handle this… Can s
  7. so i wanted to make an ad-banner only visible to ipads but it does not work although i followed the tutorial. Instead of "regex does not match" i took "regex match" and typed in "ipad"
  8. Hey, i'm looking for a way to display a Hockey stick banner on a website. How do i define the zone for this ? thanks
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