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  1. For those of you still having this issue, or run into it in the future, I have found it to be a selinux issue as root, run the following # setenforce 0 and make sure to disable selinux # vi /etc/selinux/config --set it to the following SELINUX=disabled and save. Should fix your problem
  2. Client wants to be able to add in a new ad, and caching automatically clears all cache so that new content is displayed, as opposed to waiting for the time elapse function to happen. Theoretically, could make for more advanced caching, as it could be checked less often and allow for new ads to start being served instantly.
  3. A new potential client is looking for an option for a zone to load all linked banners. so, for a zone which is 200x100, with 7 banner in it, they would like to call one zone, and have all banners load inside of there. If there are 5 banners, then load all 5. So on an so forth. I do not see this as an available option, and do not think that this is a very typical request. Another potential option is an api call to obtain the number of ads in this zone, and call the jquery/iframe that number of times. Am open to various options.
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