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  1. Name Author Status Actions Delivery Limitations Plugin 1.2.3 Plugin that provides the ability to target delivery of ads. Revive Adserver Enabled Client Delivery Limitation Plugin 1.2.3 Revive Adserver deliveryLimitations Enabled Details http://www.online-life.me/ (zone - on top flash player) Client browser is any of Firefox but working and in other browsers
  2. Not work Client Delivery Limitation - Browser, Domain, Ip, Language,Os - enabled Client Delivery Limitation Plugin -1.2.3 GNU Gneral Public License v2 - configuration/banner delivery settings/ +Evaluate banner delivery limitations during delivery +Evaluate banner delivery limitations for direct selected ads -maintance / delivery limitations /Check ACLs Here are the results of the banner/channel compiled limitation validation Targeting Channels: All channel compiled limitations are valid Banners: All banner compiled limitations are valid
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