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  1. I am using MySQLDump to copy the whole database to a file on stage server. and on production server, I am updating the database from the dump file. But my problem is that the statistics also gets updated. I don't want to change the statistics. Does anyone have any idea which are the tables related to statistics that I can ignore when I am copying the stage database to the dump file. So far I ignored these table while copying database to a file but I see the statistics are still effected Rv_statistics_Vast RV_Target_Stats RV_Trackers RV_Tracker_Append RV_log_maintainnace_Statisitcs Please help.
  2. I installed revive Adserver in our stage and production environment. I created campaigns in our stage environment and it's working great. Now I need to move all the campaigns from stage to production. Does anybody have any idea how to accomplish this. I don't want to create campaigns again in the production.
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