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    vocalist reacted to Dave Brain in Image Invocation Code Does Not Appear   
    Need to enable that invocation tag type on Administrator section. Login as admin and click "Plugins" menu tab, then click "Details" link for this "Invocation Tags Plugin" plugin. In that page you will see "Setting" link, by clicking you will be redirected new page, there you can check and enable what are the invocation tags need to show on zone section. 
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    vocalist reacted to krispcbc in Upgrade Instructions And Security With 777 Folders   
    In the upgrade instructions, http://www.revive-adserver.com/support/upgrading/ , in step 5 we set those folders to world writable, at the conclusion of the instructions we are instructed to change our var/site.conf file to 644 but we don't have any instructions on what our permissions should be for the 4 folders we changed in step 5.  Just asking for clarification, I don't like leaving web folders 777 generally.  Thanks
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