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  1. I didn't bother trying to upgrade as discovered there were issues with OpenX to start with - although it takes time to do a fresh install, in the long run you may find it more beneficial to install Revive into a new folder with it's own database and then manually re-create your advertisers/campaigns/banners etc., easy enough to have two browser windows open and go through them so they are set up the way you want. It is a pain if you have a lot to transfer and yes you will lose the existing stats, but frankly found it meant I could re-organise everything and take my time about it without losing any display time on the sites - when it was ready to go, I did a test by installing the new zone code into one of my sites and then copied the new zone codes into a text file so it was easy to use find/replace to change the openx invocation codes to revive codes. Took just one day to do the install and make the changes for 20+ advertisers and 10 sites
  2. Thank You So Much Dave for the response, that worked perfectly and is just what I needed to know
  3. I have tried resetting permissions from 644 to 444 or 440 but it fails - the only other option it will allow is 640
  4. I had a similar issue when using OpenX - there was NO malware at all - the ads were all via ad networks using trusted merchants - the issue was solved by contacting Google via the webmaster tools and advising them of this and the issue was resolved. Unfortunately, adservers like OpenX and Revive sometimes return a false positive so if you are 100% sure that your ads are 'clean' then might want to try the same. Oh and BTW - Google Adsense is not beyond sending folk to malware sites either - they are after all just another advertising platform who only check the advertisers on initial sign up (if at all!!). I use Adsense on a couple of sites and have had to block many of their advertisers due to this
  5. This would be a very neat function - at the moment I add the rel=nofollow into the zone/site code manually before adding to to site pages which isn't hard to do but just one more thing to remember!
  6. OpenX used to have the ability to choose how long statistics were retained - i.e., 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or all time - I was disapponted to find it is not available in Revive as this builds up in time to be quite heavy load !! Would be VERY useful to re-introduce it so admins can choose how long they want to keep stats.
  7. Hi, I have been using OpenX but now installed Revive today and all went well - set up everything then went to get the invocation code for each zone, however, only the javascript, iframe and local invocation codes appear. I would like to use the image invocation code but no idea how to activate this - i have already moved the image folder as per the documentation and checked that the image banner is listed in the Admin settings sections. Can anyone tell me how to get the image invocation code to appear please?
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