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    krispcbc got a reaction from andrewatfornax in mysql-5.7 and lock table name on login   
    I upgraded the first week of May and just missed this update.   I applied this update Monday and yes it is fixed.  Thank you sorry I didn't notice the change.
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    krispcbc got a reaction from vocalist in Upgrade Instructions And Security With 777 Folders   
    In the upgrade instructions, http://www.revive-adserver.com/support/upgrading/ , in step 5 we set those folders to world writable, at the conclusion of the instructions we are instructed to change our var/site.conf file to 644 but we don't have any instructions on what our permissions should be for the 4 folders we changed in step 5.  Just asking for clarification, I don't like leaving web folders 777 generally.  Thanks
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