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  1. How do I set the cookie SameSite for ox_install_session_id it comes back blank instead of none and returns a warning. The other cookie from the ads server returns samesite=none. Please advise. Kris
  2. Since upgrading to 4.02 I have not had the error. Andrew, if it was a network problem, which I doubt why would the file be created with the correct permissions yet simply be empty it is very very odd and random. I hope the 4.02 patch resolves it.
  3. I upgraded the first week of May and just missed this update. I applied this update Monday and yes it is fixed. Thank you sorry I didn't notice the change.
  4. The ads server files are all on a gluster disk so yes the permissions are all the same, and all the webservers and php-fpm are www for both owner and group, it's just a very odd random occurance, it only happens on login. Maybe the new version just released solves this. I will patch and update after.
  5. We recently upgraded our servers as well as installed the latest nginx/php7/mysql5.7. From time to time when I first login to the ads server I will get a message at the top that says "Error: File permission error detected. These may impact accurate deliver of your ads, See the debug.log file for the list of unwritable files" I review the debug.log and see things like this "May 31 15:02:35 -0700 OX-592f3d7a92fb0 [ info] Unwritable file /var/cache/deliverycache_tmp_ex9qk2" when I look up the file it has a size of zero and is owned by www:www. The server and php-fpm both run as www. I have both var and cache set as chmod 1777 and both are owned by www:www. I don't understand what is going wrong or why this occurs. Please help.
  6. In December we upgraded to php7, and in April we upgraded to mysql-5.7, we also now have the ads server as an https with a certificate and the machine has ipv6 enabled. Now when we login into the revive ads server we have a delayed login time, after reviewing the debug log we found errors like this "Jun 01 09:26:54 -0700 OX-5930404e6f364 [ warning] mysqli_query(): (42000/3057): Incorrect user-level lock name 'OA_auth.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'." per some research it appears to be caused by mysql 5.7 the get_lock() maximum length of 64 characters is being exceeded. How can I work around this so I can login and not get this error?
  7. In the upgrade instructions, http://www.revive-adserver.com/support/upgrading/ , in step 5 we set those folders to world writable, at the conclusion of the instructions we are instructed to change our var/site.conf file to 644 but we don't have any instructions on what our permissions should be for the 4 folders we changed in step 5. Just asking for clarification, I don't like leaving web folders 777 generally. Thanks
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