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  1. Hello Eliza0406, Thank you for that and will give it a try ... I also attempted to use a text only banner with a no cookie image tag and that did not display anything neither Seems what I touch is breaking at the moment.
  2. Hi! we are trying Revive for the first time and as part of our testing we have created a Generic HTML banner that we wish to display on all our hosted websites. Have created a direct selection for the banner ID but when the code is placed into a test web page, and navigated too, the HTML is not shown. What have we missed ? Thank you.
  3. Resolved. It would appear Revive does not like working with a MariaDB & Galera cluster. Had to target a single MySQL instance instead of the cluster pool. Very odd indeed.
  4. Have just attempted to install our first Revive server and it failed. It happily creates the database but when it comes to installing the plugins every one fails with a permissions error. In the install log we see: #! openXBannerTypes(): Permissions error #! openXDeliveryLimitations(): Permissions error #! openX3rdPartyServers(): Permissions error #! openXReports(): Permissions error #! openXDeliveryCacheStore(): Permissions error #! openXMaxMindGeoIP(): Permissions error #! openXInvocationTags(): Permissions error #! openXDeliveryLog(): Permissions error #! openXVideoAds(): Permissions error Have checked the file permissions and they are all okay. We are using LiteSpeed webserver with PHP 5.5.15. Only other errors we see are: 2014-09-30 09:24:58.757 [NOTICE] [] [sTDERR] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Unable to set current step. Unknown step: login' in /www/adserver/live/lib/OX/Admin/UI/Wizard.php:139.Stack trace:.#0 /www/adserver/live/lib/OX/Admin/UI/Wizard.php(84): OX_Admin_UI_Wizard->setCurrentStep('login').#1 /www/adserver/live/lib/OX/Admin/UI/Install/Wizard.php(32): OX_Admin_UI_Wizard->__construct('install', Array, Object(OX_Admin_UI_SessionStorage)).#2 /www/adserver/live/lib/OX/Admin/UI/Install/InstallController.php(299): OX_Admin_UI_Install_Wizard->__construct(Object(OX_Admin_UI_Install_InstallStatus), 'login').#3 /www/adserver/live/lib/OX/Admin/UI/Controller/BaseController.php(95): OX_Admin_UI_Install_InstallController->loginAction().#4 /www/adserver/live/lib/OX/Admin/UI/Controller/BaseController.php(83): OX_Admin_UI_Controller_BaseController->execute('login').#5 /www/adserver/live/www/admin/install.php(41): OX_Admin_UI_Controller_BaseController->process(Object(OX_Admin_U in /www/adserver/live/lib/OX/Admin/UI/Wizard.php on line 139 Any help appreciated.
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