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  1. Thank you for your answer. I knew this guide. But my question is : >> on openX it was possible to create many types of accounts. Now It's impossible (at least it seems) to create accounts (like ad network accounts). And i can't find any guide on this. >>So how do we use Revive as an ad network? Thank you again.
  2. Hello, I've installed revive Locally via Wamp. The purpose is to pratice a little bit before getting into action. Now i try to create accounts (especially Ad Network Account but it's impossible.) Whenever i try with a administrator account or a managing account i can't do it. Can you help me ? Thank you. Ps 1: I'm using the last version of revive. Ps2 : Is there an official help document (finished) for revive ?
  3. Hello All, I'm a kind of newbie in using Revive Adserver. I'm learning via tutorials and guides available on the net. My project is to use Revive as an agency. But i can't find some guides on this way of use. Is anybody using Revive as agency ? anybody got some tutorials and/or tips for me ? Thank you for your answers
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