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  1. I have an advertiser who wants a report from me on a daily basis. I have a few questions related to this. 1) Is it possible to schedule the Advertising Analysis report to be emailed? Is this possible in the UI? With a script? How do other pubs handle this? 2) Can a timezone different than the standard system timezone be used for this one advertiser? How would that be implemented? 3) Is there some way to get a dump of the "raw" data in csv format for use in a PivotTable? Right now this report has three tabs and is not formatted exactly as our client would like. Thanks for loo
  2. Zones are one possible solution here. Zone 1: This goes to exchange 100% of the time Zone 2: This is configured to rotate ads as you mentioned in your post Tags can be generated in the normal fashion; just make sure to select the correct zone when doing so. We then submitted the tag that points at Zone 2 to our exchange partners.
  3. I found out what was causing this issue in our system. It seems that probability is a function of both the weighting on the campaign and the weighting on the banner. I was originally only looking at banner weights which is why I was confused. Hopefully this is helpful to someone!
  4. Hi all- I want to insert a macro into a third-party tag, specifically an encoded click URL. I have read through the information in both of the links below, but there does not seem to be an option for a URL-encoded click in Revive. Is my thinking incorrect, or is this a limitation of the Revive platform? Are there are any workarounds for this? This is what I read through so far: Third Party Clicks Tags: http://blackriver.to...click-tracking/ Click URL and other macros: http://blackriver.to...r-magic-macros/
  5. I am seeing this same issue. We have two contract campaigns set up but the remnant campaigns are serving 95.5% of the time. I know that I could set all campaigns to remnant as a workaround, but this seems like a bug.
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