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  1. Yes, it is possible. The option you are looking for is called companion positioning and can be found under Campaign setttings. Make sure however that you don't have enabled option "Only one banner per advertiser in same time"
  2. Sorry for replying late. Well, updating was getting me nowhere, and since I haven't got any answers here on forum for few days, I decided it was time to do some manual work. These are steps how I upgraded the OpenX installation manually: Downloaded latest Revive 3.0.5. Uploaded it to new folder on server Made a clean installation in new DB Copied old www/images folder to new Revive Manually copied db records table by table (you'll need some SQL skills here to do it correctly, as you'll probably have same problem as I did with prefixes, OpenX had ox_ and Revive has rv_) Tested new Revive Moved old OpenX (it was in a subdomain) and on that spot moved Revive (had to change paths in config file, very important!) Running Revive 3.0.5 and works great, all statistics, campaigns, zones, advertisers, banners preserved.
  3. I successfully upgraded from 2.8.10. to 2.8.11, and then tried to upgrade 2.8.11 to Revive 3.0.5., and same thing happens again. There is definitely a problem with Revive upgrade flow from OpenX.
  4. I've had the same issue at start with OpenX Source, it took some time (several weeks) before OpenX started predicting inventory correctly. By then, I used to play "tricks" on the system by increasing number of impreesions so it delivers more. You can try that, nothing to lose there
  5. Hello, I am trying to do an upgrade of OpenX 2.8.10 installation to Revive 3.0.5, however, I'm getting some errors on System Check part. OpenX 2.8.10 is a default installation without any additional plugins, so I'm not getting why is the system alerting that database is not correct. This is the output in changes_tables_core_613.xml which was created after the attempt of upgrade: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="xsl/mdb2_schema.xsl"?> <instructionset> <name></name> <version></version> <comments></comments> <constructive> <changeset> <name></name> <version></version> <change> <table> <name>data_intermediate_ad_variable_value</name> <index> <add> <name>data_intermediate_ad_con</name> <was>data_intermediate_ad_con</was> <indexfield> <name>data_intermediate_ad_connection_id</name> <sorting>ascending</sorting> </indexfield> </add> </index> <index> <remove> <name>data_intermediate_ad_</name> </remove> </index> </table> <table> <name>data_summary_zone_impression_history</name> <index> <add> <name>operation_interval_id</name> <was>operation_interval_id</was> <indexfield> <name>operation_interval_id</name> <sorting>ascending</sorting> </indexfield> </add> </index> <index> <remove> <name>operation_interval_i</name> </remove> </index> </table> </change> </changeset> </constructive> <destructive> <changeset> <name></name> <version></version> <remove> <table>banner_vast_element</table> <table>data_bkt_a</table> <table>data_bkt_a_var</table> <table>data_bkt_c</table> <table>data_bkt_m</table> <table>data_bkt_r</table> <table>data_bkt_vast_e</table> <table>database_action</table> <table>ext_market_advertiser</table> <table>ext_market_assoc_data</table> <table>ext_market_campaign_pref</table> <table>ext_market_general_pref</table> <table>ext_market_plugin_variable</table> <table>ext_market_setting</table> <table>ext_market_stats</table> <table>ext_market_web_stats</table> <table>ext_market_website_pref</table> <table>stats_vast</table> <table>upgrade_action</table> </remove> </changeset> </destructive> </instructionset> In this part I already see few strange things. First, I don't have a table data_intermediate_ad_, I have data_intermediate_ad_connection (which system wants me to add). With all rest stated in log is the same thing, I have a feeling that revive doesn't know how to get the name of the table correctly, really not sure, because everything is there, it just doesn't recognize it. This is an output from install.log Database name and hosting account name has been replaced with ***** for safety reasons, just to add as a note. Anyone able to help what might be the problem? Thanks
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