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  1. Hello , I appreciate your offer and i know that you do a lot of work to make revive good like this , but this is not make sense you build revive adserver as plugin base framework , and don't tell developers how plugins work , i was want to make this plugin for my project and upload it as free open source to help people to make advanced rich media banners , but now i will do it in core code :/ :/ , so it will not help any one :( Thanks for reply
  2. is this the Policy in revive adserver hide developer documentation to force to pay for support ???? !!!!!! I'm tired from searching more than 15 day for now how i can make my own plugin , and i can't find any documentation ??
  3. is there any ERD for Data base to know tables relations ? and I need to know how insert data with API ? Thank you in advance .
  4. I need to make new banner type as plugin, but i can't find any documentation to how to make it. Could any one help me to make my own banner type as plugin? and is there any documentation to how revive work? Thank you in advance
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