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  1. Hello, My main forder is named "openads" (I did the an update from an old openads version) : so I have some pb with the banner display : adblock plus (Firefox) blocks my banners I would like to rename the main folder I have to do some path modifications in the configuration file in the ‘openads/var’ ... that's all ? Thank you for your help, Regards, Frederic
  2. index missing from table: acls.bannerid index missing from table: acls_channel.channelid
  3. Hello, Please have a look at the install.log file : Can you please tell me what I have to do ? .... and how ? Thank you, Regards,
  4. Hello, I cannot update, after the first step I have the following message : Any suggestion ? I use a standard openX 2.8.10 version and I never customized database tables Thank you for your help, Regards, Frederic
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