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  1. hello, In Inventory/video ads- player info there is a download button for "Download the appropriate plugin for your video player": flowplayer, jwplayer, custom. What these plugins are for, because if I create a in line video banner, I can get the vast xml without these plugins. For instance, the custom plugin is called: openvideoads.vast.as3.tar What I do with this file? It is not a plugin for revive server, or it is? If yes how can I install it? thank you!
  2. hello, Sorry to post here a similar question that I post in other forum, but I believe this is the right spot. Im having memory errors in my revive install. It is just for testing purposes and I just have something like 10 ads (two are in line video ads). However, I start getting these errors when running maintenance in order to recalculate statistics: 268435456 bytes exausted in lib/pear/date.php or in lib/pear/Date/Calc.php. I need to know if anyone had these errors. Because right now Im not feeling confident about Revive Adserver. I cant understand why 250 MB of memory is not sufficient to run about 10 ads.... What it will be when I have hundreds of ads? Will I need 5 GB of memory?! It doesnt make sence to me. Please share your experience on this. thank you!
  3. hello, Suddently, when executing maintenance in order to recalculate statistics, Im getting these errors (sometimes one, sometimes the other): 268435456 bytes exausted (trying to allocate 64 bytes) in lib/pear/Date.php on line 130 or 268435456 bytes exausted (trying to allocate 78 bytes) in lib/pear/Date/Calc.php on line 1267 The line number is almost always different. The only thing I made different was activating the ad video ads plugin. I dont know if the error is related with this. What I understand from the error is that revive is trying to allocate more memory than it should. It desnt make any sense to use so much memory, specailly if we consider that I only have about 12 ads in my server! Any ideas on this? thank you
  4. Im also having this problem. Isnt the limit of php memory 256 mb? So revive its trying to allocate more? Also there is no sense about reserving so much menory to a simple task. I also has just about 10 ads. The problem started since I started using video in line ads. May this be the problem? thank you
  5. hello, Can someone tell me what ajs.php and avw.php stands for? I know for instance that ck.php, stands for click. thank you, fwu
  6. hello, Can someone explain me or point me to documentation explaining each of the url parameters one can have in a revive adserver link. For instance: zoneid: i know this cb: random number n: dont know! blockcampaign: ? etc... Also, the zone invocation code for zones displays a script approach and a noscript approach. Can I use the nonscript approach without loosing feautures, or they are not equivalent? thank you, fwu
  7. hello, Im using revive adserver to serve ads to my wordpress site. In my wordpress site I need to create a sponsor section, where I need to display the logos of my sponsor. I would like that each logo could come from reviveadserver so that I could control the impressions, etc. The problem is that I dont know if reviveadserver can help me on this. How should I configure this on reviveadserver in terms of zonesn, campaigns and banners? Shouls I create a banner to each sponsor and link each banner in Wordpress side? Or what? Any ideas? Im a little bit lost... thank you, fwu
  8. hello, Im having some difficulties try to understand this: I have a default manager user and a new user I created. I realize each of these users have its own inventory. Because each inventory includes advertisers, campaigns; etc, does this means that I cant have an user with a global view of all advertisers, campaingsn, etc? Also, if two different users have campaigns of the same adertizer, I will need to create/add that advertisers in each user inventory? thank you
  9. any idea about how to solve this? thank you
  10. hello, In my site, I have course instructors to each course. I would like to give access to each instructor just to the ads management related with its course. Im thinking about creating a site for each course, like this: http://mysite/courseX http://mysite/courseY Is it possible to give instrucutors/publishers access controled by site? thank you!
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