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    Revive Adserver Forum reacted to Eliza0406 in Memcached Conf   
    Check to the following steps,
    Go to Configuration-->Global Settings --> Banner Delivery Settings --> Banner Delivery Cache Settings,
    Under this, there will be "Banner Delivery Cache Store Type", choose memcached.
    Then go to Plugins --> Openxdelivery cache store, click on "Details".
    Go to OXmemcached --> Settings--> OXmemcached configuration settings,
    in that "List of memcached server" it holds local ip address and port number. Just set the correct value and check to the working.
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    Revive Adserver Forum got a reaction from andrewatfornax in Learn About Github From New Interactive Github Guides   
    The Revive Adserver team use Github to manage the project and develop the software. If you’re new to Github, and want to learn a bit more about how it all works, just head over to the new Github Guides. There are interactive modules to learn about Understanding the Github workflow, how to manage issues on Github, and how to contribute to a Github project by forking it, and much more.
    Once you know a bit more about how Github works, you might appreciate browsing about the Revive Adserver project, for example by having a look at our most recent commits, the current list of open issues, and the list of contributors to the project. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to join the project on Github, and perhaps find your name on the contributor list in the future.

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    Revive Adserver Forum got a reaction from andrewatfornax in Community Forums Spam Problem Resolved   
    Revive Adserver Community Forums
    It was hard not to notice it: ever since the old forums on openx.org were closed at the end of March 2014, our Revive Adserver Community Forums were flooded with spam messages. On some days, we would see dozens of fake and pointless posts in the forums. Of course, we immediately started cleaning up the forums manually, but it soon became clear there was no end to the nuisance.
    In April, we implemented multiple technical measures in the forum’s software to detect potential spammers and block them from registering, and to delete spam that still made it through. It seems that this has helped, the spam flood has been stopped almost entirely and has now returned to a manageable level.
    We want to thank those members who took the trouble to report spam posts to the moderators, and we want to thank all members for their patience while we were fighting this matter.

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