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  3. Forget this! Sorry ! The problem the check of production site is disabled! when i enable the check the warning dissapear! The warnings appears on php 7.2 & 7.3 (I dont know what happen in inferior versions... )
  4. Thanks for the speedy reply! Yeah we make heavy use of AWS and RDS so sadly cant put the code on the DB server but I always meant to double check for scaling purposes if the task could lock as most of the php nodes would just be exact mirrors. I may spin a low end box up to handle the tasks but if I at least know it works as a mirrored then I can get under way with scaling anyway.
  5. The maintenance process does have locking in place, to ensure that only once instance is triggered at a time, but personally, whenever I was managing a setup like that, I would put the Revive Adserver code on the central DB server too (even though it would not serve ads from there), and then run maintenance on that machine, so that there's no need for network traffic off-server to run maintenance. Every millisecond counts, right? 🙂
  6. What happens with the cron job? Should it be on all the php nodes or just 1 or does it handle multiple crons going off on multiple servers? Thanks
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  8. Hi all, I installed a clean revive 5.0.5 (lot of years updating revive and a huge 7Gb database...) to start new zones and campaings... All is working fine, but when I click on stats -> global stats shows this warning message: MESSAGE: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable TYPE: Warning FILE: /home/adsnoroesteenred/public_html/revive/lib/OA/Admin/Statistics/Delivery/CommonHistory.php LINE: 161 DEBUG INFO: 156 $use_pager = false; 157 } elseif ($this->statsBreakdown == 'hour' || $this->statsBreakdown == 'dow') { 158 $use_pager = false; 159 } else { 160 $per_page = 15; 161 $use_pager = count($stats) > $per_page; 162 }163164 if ($use_pager) {165 $params = array(166 'itemData' => $stats, MESSAGE: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/adsnoroesteenred/public_html/revive/lib/max/ErrorHandler.php:134) TYPE: Warning FILE: /home/adsnoroesteenred/public_html/revive/lib/OA/Admin/UI.php LINE: 290 DEBUG INFO: 285 ob_start("ob_gzhandler"); 286 } 287 } 288 } 289 // Send header with charset info and display 290 header ("Content-Type: text/html".(isset($phpAds_CharSet) && $phpAds_CharSet != "" ? "; charset=".$phpAds_CharSet : "")); 291 $this->oTpl->display();292 if (!defined('phpAds_installing')) {293 OX_Admin_UI_Hooks::afterPageHeader($id);294 }295 } It seems all is working fine.... Thx in advance! Raul I discovered other message in customer properties: MESSAGE: Declaration of OA_Admin_UI_Rule_Min::validate($value, $min) should be compatible with HTML_QuickForm_Rule::validate($value) TYPE: Warning FILE: /home/adsnoroesteenred/public_html/revive/lib/OA/Admin/UI/component/rule/Min.php LINE: 0 DEBUG INFO: Context cannot be shown - (0) is an invalid line number I Discovered a new warning when i go to any customer (customer properties) MESSAGE: Declaration of OA_Admin_UI_Rule_Min::validate($value, $min) should be compatible with HTML_QuickForm_Rule::validate($value) TYPE: Warning FILE: /home/adsnoroesteenred/public_html/revive/lib/OA/Admin/UI/component/rule/Min.php LINE: 0 DEBUG INFO: Context cannot be shown - (0) is an invalid line number
  9. Thank you very much @andrewatfornax! 😃 I take a look at the link provided. I also created an a account a Maxmind.com and generated a API key. But there is no way of entering both the API license key and the user ID into the plugin's license field. So what am I doing wrong? Kind regardsAngryWarrior
  10. HI Andre. I'm using Revive Adserver v5.0.5 running on Apache, PHP 7.1.33 and MySQL 5.5.5-10.0.38-MariaDB. Kind regards
  11. Hi @AngryWarrior, Instructions for manually upgrading your plugins, if they didn't get upgraded automatically, are here: https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Plugins+Incorrectly+Upgraded
  12. Ok, I will try to upgrade this weekend and report what happens. If I have issues, I'll zip up my installation and share it with you.
  13. Earlier
  14. Nope, I still don't have any means of reproducing this, unfortunately.
  15. Ah, okay. Strange. What version of Revive Adserver please?
  16. Anyone knows how to fix this issue? Thanks! Kind regards AngryWarrior
  17. Hi @andrewatfornax I hope you don't mind asking you? But how can I update the plugins manually? Could you maybe please tell me how to do it this? I do understand that I need to download the full zip package of Revive, but to/from where in the folder structure of the zip a and which folders should I use to update manually? I am just asking you because I do not know anyone else here to ask and since you are one of the admins here I figure you might know this.. Thanks a bunch in advance.. 👍 Kind regardsAngryWarrior
  18. Thank you for your reply Stephanie. Well I did assume that the path was just / because the files are installed directly in that root directory. But I was wrong. I done several updates in the past without a hitch, but this was new to me, so it caught me by surprise to see that required field. So any idea how to fix it? Kind regardsAngryWarrior
  19. Thanks Stephanie. Do maybe have an idea on how to do the manual update? I did update to the latest version about two days ago, but I did have a issue during the update. I guess that is why the plugins didn't update automatically. Kind regardsAngryWarrior
  20. "the system wanted me to specify the path the previous installation", you should have paid attention to this step As a result, you did not properly update your plugins because the path (absolute path is needed) you provided was wrong and the XML files for plugins could not be located properly. Which led to the problem you mention in some other topic.
  21. Plugins are inside of the zip archive you downloaded to update, you can update manually but you should have updated plugins during the global adserver update.
  22. Do you have any further advice on how to work around this issue so we can track clicks? We have a new batch of ads with this structure coming up in the next week. Thanks.
  23. Hi @andrewatfornax Thanks for your reply. Well saving doesn't change the message. It is still there. Kind regards
  24. Hi @Stephanie Thank you for your reply. So how do I do that? Where can I find the updated versions of the plugin? Thank you. 😃 Kind regards AngryWarrior
  25. You use old version of the plugin, it has since been updated to insert your licence key. Update your plugin to 1.1.0.
  26. I found the issue. When I access the ads server with Mozilla, it now blocks any kind of scripts or tracking scripts such as the code above. If use chrome or turn off the Mozilla feature and it all works fine. Sorry to bother you and thank you for listening. Just an FYI
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