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  2. I recently noticed a warning using Chrome Developer Tools stating the following: ======== A cookie associated with a cross-site resource at http://www.adservingdomain.com/ was set without the 'SameSite' attribute. A future release of Chrome will only deliver cookies with cross-site requests if they are set with 'SameSite=None' and 'Secure'. You can review cookies in developer tools under Application>Storage>Cookies and see more details at https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5088147346030592 and https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5633521622188032. ======== We currently run RA 4.2.1 on a different domain than the ads are running on. I'm thinking that this is a common scenario. Is this something that can be corrected in the settings somewhere? Any help would be appreciated.
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  4. Hello. I have found some malware links at the end of htmlcache column, is it safe just to set it empty ? target="{target}"></a><script type="text/javascript">var _0x4cfb=["vI0TViwnRmqSxKA=","vpIMWCsm","sZgFR update rv_banners set htmlcache='' where bannerid=495;
  5. Hi all. Please help me with upgrade. i'm trying to upgrade Revive Ad, but i got error and i don't know how to fix it. In logs i found this records: Attempting to detect an existing Openads (aka. phpAdsNew) installation... PAN not detected Attempting to detect an existing Openads (aka. Max Media Manager 0.1) installation... MMM v0.1 not detected Attempting to detect an existing Openads (aka. Max Media Manager 0.3) installation... MMM v0.3 not detected Attempting to detect an existing Revive Adserver installation... schema file found: /var/www/html/etc/changes/schema_tables_core_621.xml schema definition from cache TRUE successfully parsed the schema schema name: openads schema version: 621 schema status: final running integrity check comparing database revive with schema /var/www/html/etc/changes/schema_tables_core_621.xml column definition does not match: application_variable.name table is not part of schema: banner_vast_element table is not part of schema: data_bkt_a table is not part of schema: data_bkt_a_var table is not part of schema: data_bkt_c table is not part of schema: data_bkt_m table is not part of schema: data_bkt_r table is not part of schema: data_bkt_vast_e table is not part of schema: database_action table is not part of schema: stats_vast table is not part of schema: upgrade_action to version: 621 timing: constructive target database: revive table prefix: rv_ successfully initialised DB Upgrade verifying/creating constructive tasklist checking field: rv_application_variable name found field name #! database integrity check detected problems with the database #! 1 fields to change ps: alpine, nginx, php 7.1, mysql 5.6
  6. I have tried to follow the upgrade instructions located at: https://www.revive-adserver.com/support/upgrading/ I've obviously missed something but I can't find it. When I run the mywebsite.com/adserver_new I get the following errors: Warning: require_once(init.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/scoyote/public_html/adserver_new/index.php on line 21 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'init.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/scoyote/public_html/adserver_new/index.php on line 21 I can't see anything wrong, but I'm guessing it has happened to someone before? Hopefully? TIA for any help
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  8. Hello, After further investigation and reading upon the Update guide: https://www.revive-adserver.com/support/upgrading/ I can see that it is fairly easy for an upgrade to be performed, my questions are related to: - is it possible to upgrade directly from 4.1.4 up to 5.0 or I will need to update from 4.1.4 to 4.2 then to 5.0 version? - What are the system requirements for the '5.0.0' version, since for the previous one I can see it is '7.0' php and yet there was a fix for using '7.4' php version, so that I can make sure that all necessary versions have been installed and if necessary update the mysql server version also. - I checked the 'New features and enhancements' and I can see that those will have some-what effect on my current plugins but not sure what exactly the effect will be, below is a list of the plugins that the setup is currently using: IAB VAST Plugin 1.11.9 Banner Delivery Logging Plugin 1.1.2 Invocation Tags Plugin 1.4.7 MaxMind GeoIP Plugin 1.3.10 . -> Effect on this one. Banner Delivery Cache Store Plugin 1.2.0 Reports Plugin 1.5.5 3rd Party Servers Plugin 1.3.1 Delivery Rules Plugin 2.2.0 Banner Types Plugin 1.3.0 If possible can anyone inform me if all of those plugins except the mentioned one will be able to work properly if such an upgrade is performed (from 4.1.4 ~ 5.0.0) and if something needs to be performed while doing the update for each of the plugins including what exactly will be the effect on 'MaxMind' while the upgrade is been performed? Thank you very much for the time that you have taken to read and answer my questions.
  9. This is not something that is part of the built in functionality of Revive Adserver, sorry.
  10. At last, I figured out the actual cause of everything; it was for the fact of incorrect/ improper Content Security Policy (CSP header) I implemented earlier. Errors were showing in browser's Console (Developer Tools) for the above mentioned issues before such correction.
  11. The GitHub ticket above has been closed now; you could try again with the changes from the ticket manually merged into the 5.0.0 release?
  12. Now its working perfectly after fresh installation; plugins are all installed. Either, the previous installer got corrupted somewhere between downloading from official site and uploading to my Centos server. Or as I recall, previous two times, during installations with Chrome, I had problems like appearances of grey boxes between inputs and no success notifications of individual plugins installations. Finally, I could installed successfully and all seems good with IE. But still I can't switch the user mode (administrator/ Default Manager) in Chrome, even after resetting/ restoring Chrome's settings to their original; but it's okey with IE.
  13. I installed twice (Revive Adserver v5.0.0-RC1 as tar.gz) on Centos 7 with PHP 7.3.** (Nginx+Apache+MariaDB) but failed to get any plugin installed. It show only "Choose Section: Plugins/ Groups" and I"nstall new plugin" with Browse, Install, Import (code only). I discovered it at the time of generating Invocation code (not working at all) for a zone. Although, with Chrome browser, I failed to switch to user mode (administrator/ Default Manager) although with IE v11 it works. Can it be possible to manually install plugins by downloading them (even seeking for download URLs)? On Windows 7, using WAMP, I installed (Revive Adserver v5.0.0-RC1 as zip) today and it has been working (serving banners to page), although I didn't managed to check more esp. what I experienced/ learnt from using V4.2.0 on my laptop few months ago.
  14. Hello. I want show for website owners simple table where will be calculated their revenue FROM "15 day of last month " TO "yesterday". Or Can i generate link for it ? Is this possible?
  15. We have deleted old campaigns through the interface, eliminatiing potential old targeting rules and reducing the database from 34gb to 20gb. upgrade tasks performed quicker but we still get the same warning as before: "Sie nutzen derzeit Revive Adserver v5.0.0 (warning: database is stamped as v4.2.1)" no matter what we do, we are still not able to fully upgrade our revive instance.
  16. Hello everyone, I made a topic previously but no one, I mean no one gave me any reply at all (that includes a pity reply). So I am making a new topic. I hope that I get a response this time. I have an issue, I have inserted a video ad. It is running fine. But it is not showing in the statistics. No impressions at all. As you can see in the following image, it is showing the completed times, it has been completed 37 times but never shows in the statistics. Can anyone guide me what i am doing wrong? https://imgur.com/CbO0KHI I am trying to put as much information as possible. Ads are playing and showing fine. In statistics it shows that ad is completed but does show in the main statistics. The following shows that there are no stats. https://imgur.com/l1fBftL The following image shows that maintenance is running. What I am not able to understand is that my Timezone is different but Adserver is saying/running maintanence according to UTC. https://imgur.com/NW2nuDb Again, the banner ads run fine, the only issue is with the Video ads. In detailed reports it shows how many ads have been completed, it also shows that the percentage of the ads run as shown in the image in my first post. But still no stats in the main stats. Please do reply
  17. Hi @rogeriolira, If your question is specifically about Aquaplatform, you could get in touch with them directly, as this is a community forum for Revive Adserver. However, in general, you need to place your zone invocation tag in your HTML code where you want the banners to appear - so if that's in the footer of your site, that's where you put the zone tag.
  18. https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Revive+Adserver+Broken
  19. Recently, we upgraded WordPress to 5.2.4 and php to 7.3.10. In doing so, Revive 3.0 stopped working. So, we upgraded Revive to 5.0. Everything looks good and functional. And we're seeing all banners visually under each client in Banner Properties. However, we get white screens when invoking https://ads5.moviemaker.com/revive/www/delivery/afr.php?zoneid=4 or any zone that is occupied. Any thoughts what might be the issue? Thank you.
  20. I have an account on Aquaplatform. Where do I place the ad position? Is it in the zone? Is it in ad? I need the banner to be footer.
  21. Hi Andrew, Our issue get resolved there is an issue in ip association with db instance node.
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  23. I spent a day trying again to get a sub-domain working. I was able to get it working using the iFrame and Java tags, including the single page call Java tags, however, now matter what I did, I could not get the async tags working using the sub domain (which is my goal here). Is there any reason anyone can think of that would explain why all of the other tags are working for this, but not the async tags?
  24. https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Managing+Configuration+Files
  25. hi Does anyone know how to change the default installation location? from http://domain.com/www/admin/index.php to http://domain.com/
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