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  2. andrewatfornax

    CORS Error When URL Ends Question Mark

    You could probably raise this as a bug, but I'm not sure if we'd want to fix it - the URL should probably not end with a ? character. Raise it though, and we can discuss if a fix is appropriate in GitHub. Thanks.
  3. andrewatfornax

    Under delivery of contract Campaigns

    Hi, Okay, good news that there's no delivery capping or delivery targets for the contract campaigns - that rules out one possibility. The fact that the traffic comes in during a time window of 9am to 6pm should not matter too much - Revive Adserver has a relatively simplistic way of predicting the volume of traffic expected each hour, which is needed to calculate the probabilities, but that should not be causing an issue with this type of traffic pattern. I think if we want to go any further with debugging this, we'd need to get information about what the "maintenance priority engine" is actually thinking is going on, and what it's deciding to do. In your config file, under the [log] section, can you please change the priority value to 7? (It would normally be 6.) Then empty our your debug.log file, and wait for hourly maintenance to run. Then we should have a complete view of what the MPE is doing... Thanks.
  4. murichej

    multiple videos serve

    Exactly, Video Ad Pod looks good. So, any plugin out there for Revive available?
  5. Krishnapriya Ravi

    multiple videos serve

    Hi, Do you like to deliver sequence of video ads as like TVs?It VAST standard its called as Video Ad Pod. This is the feature you required
  6. Thank you for the reply @andrewatfornax, I have reinstalled again, and believe it was a file permissions issue. I now have data in my buckets!!
  7. murichej

    multiple videos serve

    Hi there I have a question if it's possible to serve multiple videos in one request. So, one zone but serve 3-4 (or even more) videos at once - as a sequence. Client implementation (player) is not a problem, just whether Adserver is able to do it out of the box.
  8. Dharmesh Maniar

    Under delivery of contract Campaigns

    Hi, Can anyone help on this? Thanks!
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  10. Hi, I'm interested in overal statistics by campaign type. (eg. Remnant, contract, ...) I want to see Revenue/Clicks/Impressions for all my contract campaigns without the noise of remnant campaigns. I want to see the evolution of total remnant impressions compared to all impressions. Is this possible today? Thank you. Tim My own reply: Sometimes you find the answer yourself the minute after posting the question. All my internal remnant campaigns belong to the same advertiser. As there are plenty of reports available by advertiser it is straight forward getting the info.
  11. Hi, Background: All the banners I server are either images or HTML and there is 0% chance I serve flash. While doing a performance review of my JS code I noted the standard Revive JS code (served via /asyncjs.php) contained a whole section of JS referencing ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash Checking the asyncjs.php source I see it includes a reference to a required flash config file (fl.js in the /www/delivery folder) require __DIR__.'/'.$GLOBALS['_MAX']['CONF']['file']['asyncjsjs']; require __DIR__.'/'.$GLOBALS['_MAX']['CONF']['file']['flash']; I currently commented out the inclusion of the fl.js so the JS is smaller. All seems to work fine. Results asyncjs.php goes from 3.6KB to 2.0Kb when transferring over the wire (GZIP). (not massive, but with Chrome never slow mode, you only have a certain budget of JS available. Saving 1.6Kb here can help to stay under the 500kb limit) 9883 bytes to 42993 bytes in unzipped format. (this is less JS code to parse/execute. Read The Cost Of JavaScript In 2018 for more details https://medium.com/@addyosmani/the-cost-of-javascript-in-2018-7d8950fbb5d4) My 3 questions for the community are? Do you know any side effects of removing the fl.js inclusion? Are there better options than commenting it out? Are there other JS optimisations you are aware off? Thank you Tim
  12. scalemates

    10x lower impressions vs rv_data_bkt_m

    Hi Andrew, sorry I really thought I replied. I went for the clean install approach and migrated all the key tables for inventory/advertisers. After doing that it was fine. (lessons learned for me = backing up the database and having a local copy of all the src files is not enough. eg. Config changes are not stored in the DB but in a config file. ) My endusers are not impacted, I use the REST API for a fully custom UI and reporting connects to the old instance or the new instance depending on the date of the reports. (not ideal, but good enough for me at this point) Thank you for thinking with me
  13. I'm hoping to have my advertisers be a bit more self-service once I configure their accounts. It seems like only the "Default Manager" account has the ability to create banners? The advertiser account (Advertisers > User Access > Add New User) only has permission to deactivate banners, not create? So do I need to create all banners for my advertisers after which they can manage them? Or is there a way to create a "Non-Default Manager" account which only has access to assigned advertisers and can manage banners?
  14. Dharmesh Maniar

    Under delivery of contract Campaigns

    Hi Andrew, Thanks for providing detailed troubleshooting guide. I went through the guide and checked it thoroughly. We do not have any delivery options or any delivery capping for these contract campaigns. I doubled checked the total impressions we get in a day are around 850,000 and out of that around 650,000 impressions are going to remanent campaigns. One point I want to add is that traffic on the site is mainly between morning 9 to evening 6. After 6 in the evening traffic drops drastically. So around 500,000 impressions on the site comes between morning 9 to evening 6. Is there any impact on delivery because of such traffic? Thanks!
  15. andrewatfornax

    Under delivery of contract Campaigns

    Hi @Dharmesh Maniar, Thanks - this is a terrific question, with some excellent detail, which makes understanding your problem easy! You've inspired me to write a new troubleshooting guide - please take a look at https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Contract+Campaigns+Under-Delivering and see if this is of any help? Thanks!
  16. andrewatfornax

    Empty rv_data_bkt_* tables

    Hi @MiB, If you have been through the https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/No+Statistics guide, I'm not really sure what else I can advise. If the Banner Delivery Logging Plugin is definitely installed and enabled, and banner logging is enabled, and you don't have any block logging options set, then really the only reason I can think of that you don't have anything in the data bucket tables is either a permissions issue (Revive Adserver can't write to the database tables) or a database issue (it's not working correctly). Have you tried manually connection to the database and inserting some data into one of the data bucket tables using the same database credentials that are configured in Revive Adserver?
  17. Hi there I have a question on how to set up a campaign properly. My inventory is defined as: - zone 1 - zone 2 - zone 3 - zone 4 I want to set up campaign with following details: - campaign frequency cap: 1/user/day - total impression goal: 1mio (400k zone 1, 300k zone2, 200k zone3, 100k zone4) I have several ideas how to do it but all options fail. Option A: Seperate campaign for each zone. Impression goals can be set up, but frequency cap (campaign f.cap) doesn't work ok, as I want overall frequency cap. I want to achieve that if you see banner on Zone 1, then you don't see it on Zone 2, etc.. Option B: One campaign for all zones. Frequency cap will be working fine, but it's impossible to set up seperate goal on zones. It's possible to define seperate banners and each banner targeting its own zone, but then again, can't set up impression goal on banners. Would banner weight help in this case? I'm afraid not, as each banner is targeting different zone, so it's different inventory. Or? Please help, is it possible to do it? Something like "Advertiser frequency cap" would also work, but that doesn't exist.
  18. Hello community, Can anyone, please, point me into the right direction on how to strengthen the security for a standard Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04 when it comes to install Revive ? I saw into documentation that in case of no .htaccess files, extra security steps need to be done. Thank you very much,
  19. Ive recently installed revive, and have been through the No Statistics guide. My DeliveryLog plugin is activated, I have the data bucket tables in my database, but the are all empty. It is serving ads on an active site. When I run the maintenance script, I'm given the "- Maintenance statistics will NOT be run" message in logs. Can someone give me a point in the right direction as to why I have no data in the buckets with the delivery log plugin active?
  20. Hi, I have created 2 contract campaigns on one ad zone with daily limit of impressions per day. So the 1st contract campaign is created to deliver 300,000 impressions per day with priority as 10. 2nd contract campaign is created with 100,000 impressions per day with priority as 10. I have also created 2 remanent campaigns for the same zone. We receive total 850,000 impressions per day for the zone. Now the contract campaigns are underdelivering by 50%. 1st contract campaign gets only 150,000 impressions per day and 2nd contract campaign gets around 50,000 impressions per day. When I check probability of the zone it shows 1st contract campaign around 16% and 2nd contract campaign around 5.47 %. Which according to 850,000 impressions per day comes to the delivered impressions of around 150,000 (16%) for 1st campaign and 50,000 (5%) for 2nd campaign. The scheduled maintenance also running every 1 hour properly. Checked the debug.log and there are no errors in it. Am I missing something.
  21. andrewatfornax

    Banner image won't upload

    Where are your images configured to be stored? Looks like the error relates to failing to perform a DNS lookup on an FTP server address?
  22. I've had Revive for awhile but haven't made changes to campaigns until just recently. Now banner images won't upload. This is the message in the debug log Feb 04 19:48:27 -0500 OA-5c58dd5b0d76b [ warning] ftp_connect(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known Feb 04 19:48:27 -0500 OA-5c58dd5b0d76b [ warning] Declaration of HTML_QuickForm_file::_findValue() should be compatible with HTML_QuickForm_element::_findValue(&$values) Feb 04 19:48:27 -0500 OA-5c58dd5b0d76b [ warning] Declaration of OA_Admin_UI_Rule_Min::validate($value, $min) should be compatible with HTML_QuickForm_Rule::validate($value) Feb 04 19:48:27 -0500 OA-5c58dd5b0d76b [ warning] ftp_connect(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known Feb 04 19:48:27 -0500 OA-5c58dd5b73ff4 [ warning] ftp_connect(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known Feb 04 19:48:27 -0500 OA-5c58dd5b73ff4 [ warning] Declaration of HTML_QuickForm_file::_findValue() should be compatible with HTML_QuickForm_element::_findValue(&$values)
  23. andrewatfornax

    Revive for Mobile apps? Need Mobile SDK?

    Hi @dmitry-p, At this stage, no, core Revive Adserver does not have any mobile SDK support, just the standard invocation methods documented.
  24. andrewatfornax

    horizontal scaling

    A plugin that caches delivery write data (e.g. into memcache, redis, etc.) would definitely be possible, if you believe that database clustering/failover, and vertical scaling won't meet your needs. Don't forget that Revive Adserver also support PostgreSQL as well as MySQL - you may find performance differences there that assist with larger scale deployments.
  25. murichej

    horizontal scaling

    I am on Amazon RDS (Aurora Serverless type) but it is a bottleneck I believe. 200k req per secod, I don't think Aurora Serverless can handle that. Mysql clusters could maybe work. I am also thinking about writing the code to temporarily store impressions on delivery engines (in memcache or disk or similar) and then do a bulk transfer to revive database (to table rv_data_bkt_m) once every few mins maybe. Do you think that's good idea? Anyone tried it already maybe?
  26. Ian vM

    horizontal scaling

    Not out of the box, but you could think about making a MySQL cluster, or use Amazon RDS
  27. murichej

    horizontal scaling

    Hi again. I have managed to do a setup consisting of distributed (multiple) delivery engines, seperate admin and seperate database. Maintenance works fine, delivery works fine as well. If I shut down admin engine, delivery still works, which is okay. But, if I shutdown database, delivery doesn't work anymore, even if the cache is already created on delivery engines. Digging into the issue I found that 'Banner Impression Logging Plugin' connects and writes an impression every time when ad is delivered (through avw.php). It updates table rv_data_bk_m every time. And that means that I still have single point of failure which I can not scale. So, is there any option (or any other plugin) that temporarily stores impressions into the local storage or something, and then updates database every X minutes in example?
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